Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting it all done

I've had another guided weekend, including my thoughts. I was at a loose end on Saturday night and did my monthly or so check for old signs posted online, and after well over an hour went to Surrey and found yet another one which turned out to be pretty easy to get to, and a very rare map type I have very few of. I was planning to go to the old subway ones I Streetviewed in Hounslow but did that today despite taking nearly as long due to major traffic. I'm now free and if no ideas tomorrow can finish my article and then print the rest to be made to a little book.

The red triangle may arrive this week and in which case should be fitted on Sunday. Another (the first) has popped up south of the Thames but 75 miles south so fuck all use to me. But gives hope as on a farm track and one of the few places they may be in Surrey if I keep looking. Not a single other plan this week, I've driven (or been driven) over 100 miles this weekend so have little need to do more, plus London has apparently given up its treasure sign wise already and am lucky Surrey still turns up more as it's not on Streetview and have to rely on local knowledge.

So I believe it's still being controlled, and the other projects are in wait mode, meaning I have (or others) set the wheels in motion and can now only forget the lot until the fruit grows. I've had loads of time to play online quizzes again now Streetview's almost done, and getting dark at 4pm, and even managed to win a few again. Otherwise it's a supermarket voucher visit, optician to try and get new lenses in my sunglasses, which needs some price shopping, and probably a trip to see if I can get a clock for my new car as it's very offputting. I have a few hours of videos to see as well when there's shit on TV in the evenings (most nights besides I'm a celebrity), and pretty happy to have a rest this week although will still be working once or twice at my late grandma's until the stuff has been removed.

The current ETA for the projects is in the few months ballpark (just thought I'd add a useless cliche) so will be doing the short term everyday stuff until anything else crops up, besides the triangle sign which is a week or two off. At least things have now become a bit more positive and have a list of ambitions which is gradually being addressed, hopefully bigger each time.

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