Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to normality

I can now update yesterday's photo shoot. The original arrangement was a book launch for charity (I have a few photos in it) in a restaurant following a cooking demonstration. No way Jose. I was asked to do the photos so simply explained the claustrophobia (that's agoraphobia when you're stuck indoors) and said photos yes, meal no. I wasn't there to socialise but do a job, and that is what I did. Apart from taking photos two summers running on a music holiday I've never done official photography for anyone else before, so a career first. They came out well, there were no celebrities there despite it being a celebrity recipe book, but otherwise did the job I wanted to and only took just over half an hour. If I'm lucky they'll also make the paper as well.

So I've managed something else, life is back to normal and I have another sign to search for at the weekend if it has survived another 18 years since being found. I am now wearing photochromic glasses with the reading bit in which I just collected, and can see very well with them, and actually read better than the usual ones, which is a relief as I only got the new reading bit in May and already seemed a bit too weak. I went along the shops and finally got myself a salt beef sandwich after waiting probably years, which was just as it should be. I also saw a twat in front of me on the roundabout on a mobile, and as always took a photo for the gallery of shame. Except this time the flash went off, and he blocked my way and interrogated me why I did it. I just said he was the guilty one as he'd committed an offence and buggered off sharpish.
I may soon go into retirement on that one, it's becoming too dangerous. He got off the phone straight away though and maybe won't even do it again as he thinks I may be official.

Blogger has decided to shift all photos to the top so rather than try and fix it (see previous entry with photos) I'll just have to leave it as it is. The cooking demo is shown above, and then took random and posed photos of the guests. I haven't heard anything yet from the organiser but hope he's as happy with them as I am.

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