Monday, February 22, 2010

The guidance continues

I can actually say whatever guidance began last year it's still going. There was what appeared to be a gap, but turned out to be a loop when what it promised did indeed turn up some time later. My interpretation of guidance is where something would have been impossible without a series of totally unconnected events. So the latest was someone did dowsing for me over a map (I do it in my mind and got two areas correctly as well), found a sign in the middle of nowhere, I Googled it, saw the exact sign I thought I saw on Streetview was there, went last week and got it but was a museum exhibit and not official. I put it online and someone who knew I was a collector must have been reminded he had one from 1992 which was in easy reach, but as on a private road no need to remove it. And yesterday I went and saw it as soon as I reached the junction. That is one of the rarest in the country and in perfect condition.

I very much doubt if I hadn't found the first (one photo from the back online only as well, not a single other reference to it anywhere), and without that photo having been taken as it was a museum entrance, they didn't even notice there was a sign in it, I wouldn't have known where in the village it was and wouldn't have gone the 30 or so miles otherwise.
So everything else in my life needs to be joined in it now. My media career crept forward now with the inclusion in the book and photo shoot, and now waiting to hear if it made the paper. I'm pretty certain whatever machine is behind this it's working now, but still need to use the time I have in between usefully. The traditional belief you don't get anything for nothing makes people assume unless you almost kill yourself you'll achieve nothing. In fact it's about knowledge and timing, and the least effort of all is involved unless exams are involved. If that was the criteria I did my effort already and done plenty since- moving house clearing 28 years of family junk on my own (my parents had split up and gone their separate ways by then) in less than a month. I was ill for months after that and only fixed by healing and 36 hours of sleep over three nights. The doctors were at their wits end and I recovered just before I would have been sent for outpatient tests.

I also worked in about four different places, commuting between two or more a day for four years before finding something where I only needed a couple of separate places to work a week. When the school holidays came and there was no teaching I drove a furniture van, delivering and setting up film sets. The fascinating part was being in the location or studio with the director putting everything where they asked, and then sometimes seeing the work you did on TV. Birdseye Potato Waffles I think was our biggest viewing job. Whichever way you look at it I paid my way, and also did the weekly trip to see a video lecture for my meditation course plus a number of extras for 16 months. Being claustrophobic and having to sit quietly in a hall with maybe 100 people crammed in and not miss a week until the master arrived was no joke. He comes once a year and unless you go abroad after 5 months plus and see him yourself you wait till he gets here. At least he didn't come up north when it was my turn, I drove a very easy 50 miles to Brighton which is a holiday resort I know well, and not Birmingham (120 miles) or Manchester (220) which some poor sods had to do a few years later.

So even if you say we need to earn our success I think I have. The media side was begun with amateur theatre at 12, drama classes from 14-19 and cabaret from 16 onwards. My exams had to come first but always kept it up whenever I could. Lack of a union card meant I had to take a side door to TV work via academia, but all the doors reach the same place. So although I'm not an adept yet, where they actually dictate the direction of the guidance, I did swing two very unlikely situations using said methods although science tells me I need many more before I can say I may be responsible. A teacher last week via Facebook said it's all a dream so being an adept simply acknowledges our role as creator and we simply say what we want and it starts becoming real, as it's all ours anyway. And he told every listener to share it so I am, and I am (as in the bible), is his key to success. Out loud say what you want to be a few times, then in your head, and just keep going on one subject and see what happens. Not tried and tested as my recommendations usually are, but just passing his message on.
And even if you dismiss the unknown it's still there, I think anyone seeing the complex linkages which led to me finding the signs I have already and say it's all normal is just pretending science can allow such connections. No way it can.

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