Thursday, February 04, 2010

Limbo is near Hendon

11 people over for my birthday on Saturday, two visitors on Tuesday delayed from when it was snowing, a client yesterday followed by old girlfriend's arrival from Manchester in the evening as she was told the train home may be cancelled from snow so came to see me instead, and a client tonight. The phase of energy for anything arrives, opens and closes again, whether good, bad or indifferent they are around. Otherwise I've made a couple of local videos but when I ran out of discs instead of buying more tried to 'manage' the ones I had, meaning I wrecked one scene (not lost but wrecked) and haven't found a way to save the films and burn them to large DVDs to reuse the little ones. I have the hardware but only get error messages.

But like when I had friends over from school they don't stay so back where I was once they've gone, and really need someone else locally I can at least go and see regularly as well. I've got two more videos uploading since I did lose some data to wipe one disc completely as I wanted to make a video and it was too late to buy more tonight. I don't even know what I wiped out but assumed I had a hard copy and forgot to check what was on it. Never mind. Besides a 2 hour video that needs watching in one go (too late really now) there was nothing on TV at all today, so didn't mind working a double session (time, not money) and am now wondering what to do and say here as neither is exactly inspired. Tomorrow's taken care of with chores, and the cleaner's coming the next day so have to wait in for her. Not that I have a single idea left for where to take photos as 4 years is a long time to cover a large area when going almost daily.

So although I can look back on past achievements they haven't affected the present (besides making me go and get some things I've got already), the book with a couple of my photos in it has just come out and should be in the post, and can't see any more than that. So that means I can now do the washing up as it's the last thing on the list and any more will have to come to me as I can't go and get it at the moment. There's always housework to do but it's been a long day/week and I'm too tired now. That will wait.

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