Thursday, February 11, 2010

I've run out of material

I truly have an open book ahead of me (plus one possible arrangement next week). I was free from today onwards, and besides having an unwanted scene in the video I made of people shopping in Golders Green (tomorrow's history) meaning unless I find a program to fix it no one else will be seeing it have nothing but space ahead. As well as that non-event I can now announce my photos (3) appear in a new book for charity, I won't plug it but anyone who is interested in it leave a comment. The event is the official launch next week and if feel ok will turn up, take photos of the celebrities and bugger off. I'll decide on the day which is the only way I can handle these things. And when the doorbell rang this evening with no one expected it turned out to be my sexy neighbouring MP who may be standing here next time when the areas are merged. Besides seeing her on TV for years she was also single then and looking for a man, by the time I decided to send a message she had clearly moved on. But a nice surprise, she looks just as expected and very nice with it.

Besides a couple of hours of videos I may start watching later tomorrow the day remains unplanned. My filing has been started and washing done, and did want a rest after last week's activities (visitors/visits every day) but not 100%. With no one else in the house making my own entertainment is all there is, and can't keep coming up with ideas, and wouldn't need to if there was someone else to talk to, that would be enough. Funnily enough I did have two offers from women to stay here today, one from an ex who may need a room for a few days and the other from a married woman who wasn't really serious. She probably would otherwise but not much use after the event. And then only maybe for my mind, they so often do, screw a bastard and unload on me. No obvious answers to that one.

So the CV has increased, I have now had work published in a book at the age of just 50, so shows if you have something to offer and keep offering it (especially for nothing, although in this case I actually paid a little to buy the book as well) it will eventually be accepted. Not so myself apparently, as no single acceptable woman has yet coincided with interest in me since 2002. But I do my best and when I used to be able to follow up every possible lead spent years on dodgy blind dates and never scored with any but one of them. The usual venue was a pub, and unless the few who lived near me were at their end, from Essex to Surrey and all points between. A few saw me and ran (I saw them do it), the others were average (I'd seen photos by then, no shocks after 30 for me), but despite being quite happy to give them all a go none saw me more than a few times and didn't let me do anything before disappearing. I went anywhere more or less, paid for them and from what I remember need one who shares my sense of humour before she gets me. The rest seem to be from another planet (the boring one) and don't get me at all.

I've also seen an apparent lack of any supernatural events or spiritual progress recently. Everything seems very ordinary and although once you know it's not as simple as that it can still appear to be, and long enough to almost forget it is. I can't imagine what may happen next on that front, and wondering how long it will take to edit my video as well, a task you'd assume would be included with the camera. Nope. I admit things have gone pretty smoothly this week, a business issue has been sorted out, my sunglasses are being made and all food is here. I filled the free day today with no trouble at all, and shouldn't think about the next following besides an idea to fill it, which so far hasn't come to me. It's too cold to walk around much outside as I do when it is, could make another video few people will watch in another suburb like the others, and make a few dubious speculative phone calls when I get back. I never mind digging for gold but only when I know there is some there at all, however little. I may only turn up cat poop at this rate though.


Roger Hooton of Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

You can tell me what the book is about etc, publisher, price etc and the name of the charity. Doubt if I could afford it as the damn air-parcel rates work out more than the cost of things these days. I wish you well.

I only found out today that there is a Wikepedia link to one of my Flickr photos. I kept wondering why for months I was getting about 2 to 4 hits a day on my Acton Lane Power Station photo, now has nearly 750 hits. Then I noticed most were coming via Wikepedia so I typed out the power station and there it is the link to my old photo. The only reason I can think that people are doing searches for it are because the inside of the old power station has been used for various films.

David said...

I do that sometimes, but I have a couple of very ordinary ones the same that I still haven't found the source, but there clearly is one, maybe some are hidden.

The book is Looks Good Tastes Great and available at
Maybe they'll be nice about international postage.