Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spiritual development update

If everything really does make sense then maybe I have cracked it. If everything is connected then it isn't a theory it is all one, but explains what I see happening already. If we're connected of course hearing something I'm reading or saying at the same time would happen as it's all me so my thoughts and their thoughts are linked up. And ultimately there is no other as it's really just one, and when I'm ready for this revelation then it will come. And the way it's put together even those who have realised this can still teach others even though they realise there are no others, but you deal with that when you get there.

I reckon some of the things that wind me up are sent to make me find ways to stop them doing so, some are dealt with and others aren't, but any I think is a miracle after growing the seeds for 50 years. I react to everything and way more than other people within my areas of sensitivity. That's genetic and handling anxiety at levels where the whole body can reach the point of failure is a tall order for anyone. Unfortunately when you've had a sample of the worst really happening it no longer seems irrational to react as if more is on its way. We can be blamed when we know we are wrong and carry on but not for automatic reactions as we didn't create them. There's no choice how you feel or think, only what you do with the thoughts, ie reject or accept them.

So far I've done pretty well and it's only Tuesday- on Sunday I was thinking although Streetview's opened up loads more old signs because the direction ones were nearly all by junctions I doubted I'd find any more, and noticed I had just one black (rural) panel while the others were all blue. At bedtime I decided to do my weekly or so check and another direction came up 15 miles north on probably the only road I hadn't checked in the area when I drove round there as it wasn't yet on Streetview, and a black panel. How about that? There's more connection as for whatever reason that complete scenario came to me a few hours before it became real. It has green algae all over it so brought soapy water and cleaned it off before I took the photo of it. Work today, just the one although two were expected, which was how I preferred it (money? who needs money?...) and delivered my 4th lot of election leaflets in the warm sun instead. More work tomorrow and going to my mum's so that's covered and Thursday can look after itself.

My next official request/prayer is for nasties not to interrupt my peace as they so often do, including the ones that happen and the ones that may happen. Regardless of my extreme reactions (magnified by being on my own) why should I be bothered with this crap especially if it's all my own creation? I'll just uncreate it in that case with the help of any powers that be. Sometimes I wonder if people destined for awakening are given more stress as it puts them off the real world and forces us to search outside it. If you're happy with everything as it is who'd want more?

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