Thursday, July 01, 2010

Little has changed

I'll give them credit, New Scientist have put together a total anti-global warming skeptic library which seals nearly every hole in their picture. Synchronicity however is a miracle by its nature, and the most convincing argument is the CO2 levels creeping up gradually (to what they expect to be a critical point, but we all know we can't see the future in an open system) and despite being a tiny amount hang around per year until they reach this point. It started in 1958 for them at 318 ppm, and is now 390. Bloody hell, that's a 20% increase or so in 50 years. Then the synchronicity came along.

My Time Life science book was printed in 1961, and gives atmospheric composition. CO2 is the only variable amount given, as by its nature it's not meant to be a constant but instead has a normal range, this being 200-400 ppm. So had they measured a 400 ppm in 1962 it would have been at the top end, but still the top end of normal. It's currently 390, and one thing they didn't say but certain they'd have known, is what they'd expect to happen if it crept above that. Fuck all is my personal vote.

Anyway, when I thought it might almost be genuine (besides the current evidence being based on looking for something to back up the theory, which isn't science, the theory should follow the observations and not vice versa) and nearly all the scary shit being placed outside our lifespans I'd have considered retiring. Maybe I will anyway as I've done my bit and learnt all I can and can't contribute any more.
There's little else going on here, the car is due back tomorrow and that's about it. It's a great relief to have new computer memory and not care about having to download new stuff or get the disk full message. No more plans or ideas besides Streetviewing old signs, and just going with the flow and at least remaining free and dentally intact again.

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