Friday, May 17, 2013

Climate war

This is war, no doubts. The current response to the lack of warming has been to invent new laws of physics to fit them, and raise the predictions for sea level rise, although that isn't happening either.

Normally such actions would only be appropriate in a film, and the audience could all see exactly what was happening. This time the audience are the outsiders, ones who can't see how anyone can believe this crap, while the actors are the masses, the dull and duller of mind who simply accept something as they are told by someone with authority and the figures themselves don't actually register, only their 'effect'.

Can this continue forever? I have no idea. This has never happened before, except in religions. They at least all unanimously agree we must take the concept of God on trust as he doesn't do performances. You have to have faith or you can't have religion. But the climate does do performances, there is no element of faith, unless you switch from what we call 'the real world' to the fantasy geek world of computer gaming, or 'models' as they have been called if the subject is based on the climate. There you write your own laws of physics to suit the game, and this game is hot. If the heat then doesn't arrive you move it somewhere else, this time the deep ocean, where only the binary patterns can see this heat but as the announcement is made by people of authority we must have faith in them and their models, plus none in our own direct observations.

Of course I get frustrated. I never believed more than a few percent of the world were so fucking dim, and now I find below 100 IQ really means that, double digit, half the world, plus a large slice of the slightly above average. If we entered a new ice age they would all wake up, but apart from the genuine death and destruction that would cause it wouldn't happen for millennia. In our lifetimes however what is left to happen for them to realise you can't hide heat in the ocean and not the atmosphere. This theory was cobbled together in weeks to counter the reality that CO2 rises and temperature does not. And of course everyone who was watching their world collapse as their fears and hopes of changing society were slowly being dashed as the inevitable lack of climate response was gradually eroding their ideals. But it never takes long for the 'dog ate my homework' theories to be knocked up, this one being no easier to believe, except from time to time dogs do actually eat homework, but not when you don't have a dog.

So imagine. After 150 or so years of cyclical temperature rises from CO2 (hypothetically), suddenly this heat says 'Hey, let's try the sea, I'm bored with the air and feel like a swim'.

What a fucking liberty.

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