Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quotes from the left

I have been coming across so many left wing tweets which normally wouldn't have got past the comedy level I've decided to collect them here. My comments in brackets.

Farage is all about class snobbery you just can't see

You won't get freedom from a xenophobic party - a fine line between xenophobia & racism.

and what ideas have U-Kippers got except xenophobia? They're the "anti-" party

Where do you think BNP have gone? Disappeared? Or just joined the party that most represents their views? #u-kippers

(Global warming): The science is in. There's nothing constructive in denying it. We need to talk about what to do.

it's a waste of time debating with blind faithers,UKIP no different to TeaParty in US
Fighting hate speech against women on Facebook. Overdue and vital campaign

(Response):Not sure what to make of this. I'm going to put it down as an interesting thing which I'm not sure about.

 I'm unfollowing you since you are the kind of person who can't see why this is an important and vital campaign.
My view is 5Live in general is part of BBC tory agenda not you individually. Why BBC so silent on NHS sale?

I hope its a fantasy! I really don't think sane people would vote UKIP/Farage into any real position of power.

This is what happens under Tory govts. They know the cost of everything & value of nothing. No compassion.

Where there's a will .. As we know, austerity in 2013 is an ideology-driven excuse for cutting State & keeping wages low

I'm proud to be part of today and proud that we're one step closer to in Britain.

Imagine if you will Farage led group of MPs & their position on Equal Marriage. Only Labour can be trusted & has will to see it through.

Tories on at each others' throats over same-sex marriage while the non-homophobic population care far more about economic issues

Here's something positive. The science deniers will b dead soon & then maybe we can reverse what they've done.

(no, you'll be dead as well, stupid)

BBC News - Climate change 'spurred modern human behaviour'

(yes, mass hysteria)

Meg Hawkins@MEGatronn___ 19m
If you don't believe in climate change you are an idiot
(this bright spark deserved a name check)
TheSnewtyOne@Isissosnewty 23m
I'm not feeling to good... Climate change always messes me up man
Soph.@SophieDenty 27m
Cba to revise the evidence for climate change topic so I'm sleeping with 'the inconvenient truth' DVD on in the background
Some members of Congress still won't listen to the scientific consensus on change. Call these deniers out:
The Telegraph@Telegraph 7m Britain’s enemies want to destroy not just our lives but our values – and that is something they will never do

6m wouldn't be surprised if this was orchestrated by or to incite anger and mass defection to their cause.. FML

(re Woolwich Muslim terrorists beheading innocent soldier)

I'm actually disgusted watching the tonight. There are no logical arguments against equal marriage

SO ANGRY it's not a perversion of marriage you sick fuck!

equalmarriage !!! Not 'gay' marriage!

What I don't understand about is why it has anything to do with straight people?!

Because if equality is genuinely your concern you would have backed the equal marriage bill.
orlando100388 If you wear a T-Shirt people be in fear of your life because is far too busy with gay marriage to protect you--------->

---------> We call it equal marriage over here. But you're 2 hard hearted.The only protection we need is from people like u.
i honestly dont know a single person that likes what the EDL are or stand for (you must get out more)
Muslims is trending on Twitter... Let's hope that this isn't the death of multiculturalism in Britain, but the racist culture.


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