Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fixing the country- direct means.

Sometimes when people moan and whinge about how things are they are asked what they'd put in its place and can't answer, well I can.

I believe we are all designed to want the same things, so only disagree on how to get them. That aside here is my view of a country (I can't tell anywhere else what to do) as it would be under my control.

Government would be a safety net only, to keep up with existing law to protect the people, deal with foreign challenges and arrangements, and look after those unable to look after themselves. Otherwise people can look after their own business perfectly well without state interference. Laws would be designed to stop any group having an advantage over another, landlord/tenant owner/worker etc, as technically everything has to be played fair, and today's world is almost the opposite with small groups controlling almost everything. Therefore the majority of effort would go into infiltrating and countering organised fraud among banks, scientists (50% of papers are currently withdrawn for fraud, see www.retractionwatch.com) and any other currently powerful group taking advantage of ordinary people. This includes the current policy of reducing the grades needed to pass exams and make sure everything is marked the same way it was before and a degree is only possible to pass for the top 5% or it loses its entire value and employers just ask for the equivalent of what they had before they were debased.

I would then dismantle all economic advantages of banks and property businesses etc, who exploit their positions to fix interest rates and house prices way off their free market levels. I would nationalise public services, as you can't have a market where there is no competition and all the gas and phone calls use the same gas and pipes as do the railways and lines. All it does is add in the shareholders profit to something which should break even as for everyone equally.

The collusion would then be dismantled internationally, cutting all ties with the corrupt EU, who after all are only a conglomeration of the fourth Reich and the Mafia, just as Hitler and Mussolini who failed to do the same thing by military means at the previous attempt to dominate Europe as they now do. It would be impossible for politicians and academics to own businesses or work for any connected with their own work areas, so all the MPs with directorships of renewable companies would be sacked if working on those areas in their political areas, as would scientists. Whistleblowers would gain state protection and rewards and incentives similar to any for major crimes to encourage it as part of the culture. Anyone found threatening one would be subject to severe punishment.

The people would get to vote on all major changes in advance, with two powers, both to endorse government proposals and present their own. All reasonable ideas could be put to a vote, but a basic constitution would be required to stop any being raised to restrict the freedoms inbuilt by the other parts of the system already. For example, any attempt to gain power over another group would be void, so bankers could not for instance set interest rates as they do now, or be allowed to speculate with investor's money as it was never theirs to play with in the first place and never would be if I had the chance to guarantee it. I would bring back a backing for currency, whether gold or silver or similar, and use the treasury to aim to stop and even reduce inflation, discouraging borrowing for all but housing and reduce house prices as a direct consequence. People would then be put off buying for profit and more houses would be released to the general public who would then be able to afford them again. No mortgage would be legal for more than 4X annual income, like before the 70s, and no one could borrow more than 80% of the total price to guarantee minimum liquidity.

Criminals would lose their human rights as soon as they committed a crime. Any force would be allowed to tackle burglars and muggers, and if one got shot in the head then maybe more would be put off in future. We would have total control of both borders and immigrants who break the rules once they get here. If anyone does not respect the freedom of their new country and breaks the law they are off. Abusing the generosity of their host country is a great insult and will be treated as such. The country would soon lose its reputation as a soft touch and deter new criminals from arriving as they know they won't last five minutes. Criminal records would be checked for every applicant to weed out as many as possible in advance.

Fuel and energy would be kept as cheap as possible, as it's something we all need equally, so why make profit from it especially for taxes, as it simply reduces the economy and money circulating it by removing it at source in advance. This would allow greater spending and collections from indirect sales taxes on luxuries which unlike food and water are optional. All pointless road restrictions, ironically called 'calming' but do exactly the opposite, would become illegal and all dangerous humps and chicanes would be removed, and banned from future use. No driver has ever benefitted from damaging their car or avoiding head on accidents by inches, and will also take any pedestrians with them if swerving to miss a man made hazard which now cover Britain's roads like aggressive cancer.

So, we will end up with a society where no group has an advantage over another, everyone has access to a basic standard of living with the cheapest possible housing, no trouble heating and travelling, and room for everyone. Taxes will be kept to a very minimum, especially income tax, as this keeps more money free and circulating and there is no reason to avoid paying what you can afford to. Crime will become less tempting, both as foreign criminals will be kept away and the standard of living would rise to mean many people could survive without stealing for food or survival. Without the need to make profits for transport people could travel to work further and more easily, and visit friends and family more easily wherever they lived. Of course all road tolls would not just be removed but incorporated into the constitution to outlaw indefinitely. They only penalise the poor as the rich just incorporate them into their budget while the poor simply have to avoid them.

If asked I'm sure I can fill in any other areas people choose to know. This includes nuclear weapons, which if seen in a film without them existing in reality would be considered as dangerous and pointless as they always have been, so they would go for a start. Interfering in civil wars would be no better than interfering in one's own citizens' lives, unless there was a clear outside invader and we were asked for help these are no one elses' business. Countries who regularly have civil wars have never stopped through intervention, it's just a matter of which tribe or family runs the local Mafia and will be till they get their shit together, which may never happen but is not other people's problem. That would save any resources for actual defence, ie not attacking other countries as we don't like what they happen to be doing, like Korea and Vietnam, or Iraq. As Britain hasn't been invaded since 1066 I'd say we'd end up saving many billions with that policy alone.

To summarise:

Low taxes
Nationalised services
Cheap fuel and energy
No advantage to any group above others, and large efforts made to maintain this in all areas.
Unrestricted travel
Limited immigration and repatriation for criminals
No warfare outside our own borders, or nuclear weapons
No domination by outside forces through any international agreements
Restrictions on mortgage borrowing
Market manipulation to have an entire department to outlaw and detect
Policies made and decided directly by citizens within a basic constitution
Constitution outlawing any rules to impose additional burdens on citizens
State protection and support for whistleblowers
Honest levels of educational attainment without adjusting any marks upwards
A fixed base for currency
Guaranteed welfare for the sick and unemployed
No protection for criminals carrying out their acts
No personal interests allowed for positions of power in those areas.
Borrowing made virtually impossible and obsolete except for mortgages
The most taxes would be on sales of luxuries which are both optional and affect the richest, unlike fuel at present which has some of the highest levels and hurts the poor the most.
Banks could not gamble with depositor's money, in fact many such derivatives and futures would be banned altogether as they create absolutely nothing but just move the same money around endlessly.

These partly address known issues in today's society I have identified, and basic principles which protect all countries from corruption if applied completely. I have seen many in both situations so know from direct experience the difference from what they have been like in the past. Remember the days when only one partner had to work to afford a house? How can it be better now when in many cases they cost too much for even a couple both working? Remember when the queues were shorter in hospitals and waiting rooms, and roads and pavements were half empty outside city centres? Remember when roads were flat and wide and two cars could pass each other without swerving to avoid council bollards? And regardless of the service, which can be addressed separately, when gas and electricity prices were cut as soon as a certain profit had been reached by law?

I remember all these, and no doubt everyone who either does or would like to would benefit from them again, and it can easily all be done tomorrow if people wanted it.

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