Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Facts vs opinions, the details

Following up from my observation the left have hijacked their side of opinions as being the only valid ones I am listing every area where this is the case, to demonstrate how a belief has been attempted to be presented as the only right way things should be.

Gay marriage: The actual reality is it is entirely personal opinion whether marriage is between a man and a woman, in its original sense or more than that. But there is no right answer and never can be as marriage is a totally artificial concept anyhow.

Equality: Who is equal? Every human life. Then every individual has a chance to make something of that life. After that there can never again be equality as each person is unique in their achievements so can never be equal to another, and unless the state removes all their money after a set level, which they have no right to, there can be no financial equality either.

Diversity and multiculturalism: I don't think these existed before maybe the 80s, and if it was fine not to have them before it clearly can be now. Both are false qualities born purely from a narrow ideological band, with absolutely no inherent merit, let alone unique in their correctness for any society. Like maybe Saudi Arabia or Congo who as yet have no plans for either.

The right wing is bad: This is the latest assault on the growing movement against the early 21st century dominance of leftist philosophy. As people gradually get fed up with it the old guard simply heap playground insult after insult on them, as all they have are their emotions and no actual basis otherwise for their personal views. But to the left, there is no other correct view, these are not opinions, they are right and everything else is wrong, often to the point of them actually recommending the death penalty they normally condemn on the other side, who don't all actually believe in it. But the difference here is they would never use it for a crime, but for holding the wrong opinion. That is psychopathic.

Homosexuality: If you even hint that heterosexuality may be the default position and anything else, including gender confusion, be a diversion, you may be condemned to a curse of death. Daring to look at areas such as nature and parenthood, observing the norm is two parents to bring up their own children gets people labelled as Mengele and Goebbels by the left who think everyone should simply do it their way, except oddly not paedophiles, which goes against their own principles of equality for all. Oh, and incest as far as I know, although both involved would be consenting adults. Maybe that'll be next, it certainly should follow logically now men and women will soon be able to marry each other.

Two parents of two sexes is best: Sometimes the right holds an opinion they feel is fact, this is probably the closest, but based jointly on nature and thousands of years of evidence of children from one parent families suffering and failing later in life. Sorry, but that's how all higher life was designed, don't blame the observer.

Women should work as mothers: This is originally based not on anyone's actual opinion, but the British phenomenon of houses rising from 3-4 times annual income to over ten times. Do the maths, this means on average it needs two incomes to pay for them. Had this never happened most married women would still stay at home as housewives as that was how it worked naturally. They don't like that though, everyone is equal and must do exactly the same as everyone else even when they don't want to.

Women should hold half the jobs in society: One word answer, bollocks.

Everyone is born equally intelligent: Over a hundred years of rigorous scientific experiments have destroyed this from every possible angle, and new DNA mapping is finding more and more traits are genetic. Unfortunately for the wider view, it also applies to different races as well. And that's not opinion, it's simply the same as inheriting within any family. Again, it's an area where they treat your own facts as your opinion as they breach their own opinion of how things should be, which is the entire foundation of leftism. When reality ever disagrees, kill it.

All cultures are equal: Again, history has enough to demonstrate the Indian practices of suttee (killing a widow on the husband's funeral pyre) and thuggee (organised crime gangs), as well as the caste system, female genital mutilation and honour killings elsewhere are pure savagery, and all serious crimes in Britain, so why not when people do it as a matter of course elsewhere?

Had I lasted the course and got my master's degree this would have been published as a scientific paper, but as I diverted to another branch I now have to compete with established journalists but only concerned with getting the message out. Once exposed and recognised, these phenomena will die away as go from being implicit to explicit. You can't maintain illusions when exposed.

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