Friday, May 24, 2013

Global warming meme

A random just posted this on Facebook which represents the entire basis the believers of global warming believe, based on authority, false premises and paranoia. They are the confirmed 'useful idiots' doing the work for Soros, Rockefeller et al who do know the truth, and are corralling millions of weak minded innocents worldwide to do their dirty work for them as they trust authority 100% and as a result will not listen to a single word from anyone else who can see through them if not better qualified than their source.

""Debating whether climate change is real and caused by increasing greenhouse gasses produced and released by human activity (which it is), is a waste of valuable time to be taking real action to do something about it. It's like standing in a burning building denying the reality when you could get out and get a hose.

You can all slap each others backs and joke about it to buttress up your own self doubts and insecurities about your denialism. After know...95-98% of educated and experienced scientists are probably wrong right? And you, your right wing media sources, carbon lobbyists and the industries they represent, the junk scientists they hire have got to be the experts.
And if you believe that I've got some prime coastal property in the Albany, NY area to sell you cause the coast is where it will be eventually in the world their selling you suckers.
Or maybe it's a global wide wealth distribution conspiracy on the part of evil, godless socialist/communist/atheists. Then they'll take your gun away too.... riiiighht."

As an ex teacher, this contains every possible non sequitur and borrowed meme present in a new student and an example for future pupils of all the basic academic failings in such. Appeals to authority, non-sequiturs, false premises, unsubstantiated claims and repeated lies are simply passed from person to person like fleas until half the world is infected, and without either one of their own being exposed or exposing the entire thing as crap, we would have to wait half a decade or more for the lack of temperature rise to prove them wrong, which would be the only other way to undo it. But the world cannot wait so long with all the harm currently being done in the name of a fairytale.

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