Friday, May 17, 2013

Speculation 2013

The no news of 2013 so far. News is similar to fruit, it grows and only falls when ripe, but with the media the difference is they imagine the fruit before it's even budding and go ahead and report before it has even been conceived.

Therefore the vast majority of their reports haven't actually happened, and never will, as Jesus says, withering on the vine. But it never stops people taking as if they already have, and if not are almost bound to. Except the only actual news events in my life and history didn't get followed from their roots and branches to maturity, they just happened suddenly with no expectations or warnings. But the media continue to thrive on nothing, the events they want people to expect which they already know are probably impossible.

2013s are particularly rampant, probably because the only actual news we have is some mad ragheads ripping each other apart in the Middle East, no sorry, we don't have any actual news at all as that's a constant.

 The breakup of the Euro was actually becoming debunked by a few serious commentators, but not before every single country bailed out had been tipped for default, even though there is no mechanism in place to allow one. The built in safety net within the Euro actually informally guarantees a default would be impossible so there is no valid reason to expect one.

This month's special in the US is will Obama be impeached. Why exactly? Because there has been corruption in authority and some ambassadors were killed by terrorists as he didn't protect them? That's business as usual, if that caused impeachment anywhere else half the world would change their leaders every week, and the standards are barely higher in the US any more. And before anyone says 'Nixon', he wasn't impeached, he resigned. Clinton passed his test after doing far more than Obama's been caught doing so far, and that's about it. If anyone's getting impeached we'd know about it.

Will Britain leave the EU? Possibly, but not by a referendum which will never happen, only by UKIP winning a majority. Till then it's business as always.

Global warming. As I said in my previous entry, it isn't even warming any more, while CO2 is at a record level. It can't happen.

France, Spain and Italy are too big to afford a bailout. Well, no one would know till the time, but how could they really collapse?

Italy and Greece will not form a government and be forced to default. That was earlier speculation and proven wrong already.

I'm sure there are more I've missed but you get the formula. They see a situation, imagine the worst possible scenario and push it as the likely outcome which never happens. I'm fed up with it. If there's nothing happening worth reporting then find something else to talk about.

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