Friday, May 24, 2013

More quotes from the left

twitter is really buzzing, I may need a third blog to save all these: BBC Question time always brings the yoghurt knitters out of the woodwork.

Paisley Jr and other bigots should be afraid to 'express their views'. If you're racist, homophobic, sexist.. you should stay silent

Why is there only 1 woman on the panel? Aren't there any women in NI?

And that shrinking but shrill minority who cling to homophobic beliefs will not be affected in the slightest by

 such a traditionally troubled group. Also, why are lesbians so absent from the marriage debate? Where's their panel presence?

I finally realized deniers are only bullies. All they have is bullying and fear. Neither will respond to logic. >>>>>>

>>>>>WTF? Tell them, we already have changed the weather. Anti-science law makers are not credible.

My resolution for June: Communicating climate change into terms anyone will understand.

And we do nothing about climate change because of price, and destroy rainforests for corporations to make billions off oil.

The antagonism towards LGBT people is tied up with misogyny because both are based on the hatred of women/femininity.

The armchair racists and islamaphobes are out in full force on twitter and Facebook! Hope they stay there!

Doctors showed little interest in and sometimes questioned its existence.

I  am so excited for the day when there are no labels like "gay" and "bisexual" and when you can just love who you love

There are more states that allow marrying your cousin than that allow gay marriage. Let that sink in.

david cameron's like a dad who tries to buy yr love cause he's been such a dick yr whole life cept using marriage equality instead of cash

That was interesting. If I wasn't 100% sure before I am now. & the majority of its members are sad, deluded, narrow-minded fools.

Re Woolwich murder

When is the Caucasian community going to address the radicalisation of young men via the EDL and the BNP?

still avoiding the issue of disaffected individuals & foreign policy, whilst targeting the easier demonisation of preachers of hate

actually all terrorist attacks in uk have related to uk foreign policy by perpetrators. acknowledged by uk intel

edl born out of bnp and MiG football thugs. funded as it happenes by extremist pro zionist and christian fundamentalists

It never takes them long to blame the Jews, some even use the actual word but the code's not that far from the word itself.

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