Friday, May 24, 2013

Why global warming matters

I have finally realised why global warming is such a vital issue to today's world. Without it the green and leftist movements would be a fringe element considered extreme by mainstream society and in my view rightly so.

Add a belief industry and civilisation are going to destroy the planet, and suddenly all the crazy things they wanted- de-development, going back to nature, reducing first world power etc are now the exact policies offered to solve this 'problem'.

Now the world's mainstream are making it harder and harder to run factories, mine for fuel and even heat your homes. It is taxing both companies and individuals at rates previously unthinkable outside wartime (a 33% tax on British energy for example), making many industries leave the EU through massive carbon taxes, and generally making many areas of personal life previously untouched by government rules subject to new legislation, even to the point of forced recycling where I live, under Agenda 21s local application through ICLEI which my council were one of the first to adopt. Travel is being restricted, with old cars being banned in Paris and old commercial vehicles banned in London, as part of a planned EU ban on all cars in cities.

Does anyone think without the threat of global warming a single one of these policies would have happened? The voters would have kicked any party out going half as far and no other would have dared to follow. Would it have occurred to Barack Obama to ban new oil exploration and pipelines, or the UN to consider banning oil drilling in Africa after lobbying by WWF and Greenpeace? None of this would even have been thought of without a single element, ie the threat of man made global warming. Take that away and the rest would fall away like a dream on waking. That is why I work hours a day, probably for nothing, to explain and expose this dire situation.

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