Friday, May 17, 2013

Guidance report

The guidance in my life recently has been quite amazing. It's present role is to both get me things I couldn't on my own, and show me (and everyone else) it is. And logically it should be for everything else now as well.

Currently a very rare (one I haven't got) road sign turned up in Braintree in March, which has another on the way, and since then I've been working nearly every weekday I would have gone and too tired to go the last two Thursdays when it became possible. So what I did was to use my weekends south of the river to go to Kent as it has more than elsewhere, and began with one in Sissinghurst as having missed the others was worth the distance for a virtual certainty (you never know for sure as they are removed sooner or later). On the way back I found an incredibly rare one I'd never have got otherwise, and as I couldn't get to Essex the following week kept Streetviewing till I found another in Tunbridge Wells. I left my large scale map behind so had to rely on the little roads in the book coming back, as I try and go back a different way to get photos on two sets of roads, turned right at the village I was meant to, and right in front of me was another direction sign, although I'd checked them all for miles around this wasn't near a main junction so had missed it. Had I remembered the map I'd have taken the next road and never known about it.

The following week I kept Streetviewing, nothing new except a mystery warning sign on a stripy pole where I'd been already near Maidstone, so asked around and got no answers and decided to check it just in case, as there were two in Chatham which wasn't too far away if it was cack. It turned out not to even be old or a warning sign, they'd added stripes on a new pole and put a neighbourhood watch sign on it, but had I got word from the locals that week it was I wouldn't have bothered to go, and got nothing. That means instead of getting two signs in Essex and calling it a day, I've got six more and still the two left there. That is a major profit.

Now of course the next level is to both see the guidance everywhere else, and be guided to all my other ambitions. Without a single step being present (around five per visit) I wouldn't have got half of them. When that's not only happened a few times clearly in the past, and then three weeks running it can't really be seen as much else, especially as it's happening all the time to many people around me now as well who call me almost in shock with their own experiences. But to me now it's all become normal, I don't see it as odd, and just science as we don't yet know it.

I have a lot more to add on similar areas, suffice to say I have seen enough now to get what I'd call the big picture, and once someone does then it's valid to comment as if one does. That took me all this time but seems to have completed now.

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