Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fear and loathing in 2013

I have never held back from speaking my mind, and seen through simple tricks for most of my life, with the most violent reaction being from a magician on the radio in around 1980 when I rang up and explained how he did his trick. No, he didn't congratulate me for being clever, he thought I was a magician and trying to ruin him.

30 years later I have never in my life received such a constant and consistent reaction whenever I point out global warming is totally unproven. They are so paralysed with fear and trust in authority they can't see or follow the data itself, just the generalities without any of the details (or lack of) behind them. This is a psychological assault of unprecedented scale, and one which has already begun to destroy society as we know it.

From children mistrusting their parents as schools teach them about their carbon footprints, friends I've known since childhood questioning and turning away from me, all represent a worldwide phenomenon against people immune from basic stinking bullcrap from the vast majority who suck it up like infinite sponges. Nothing factual gets through, they have a wall of fear and nothing can enter unless from the same people who told them it was happening. But what exactly is happening?

CO2 has risen by 50% since 1850. Temperatures have risen almost 0.8C in the same period. The UN claim at 2C the obvious advantages from warming will be outweighed by the problems, and they have created nothing more than incredibly long term forecasts finishing after we're all dead in 2100. The CO2 can't add more than 1C on its own, so relies on positive feedbacks, mainly ocean evaporation, and the CO2 and humidity has to settle in the specific atmospheric bands to work, or nothing can happen, and if the water forms clouds instead it will be cooling instead.

The forecasts were made in the 90s, we've had 20-25 years to see their accuracy, and the simple diagram finally released by the press this year showed we are on the bottom edge of their lowest forecasts. The experiment is half run and removing the existing warming there is zero amplification. Cloud cover has increased and CO2 is replacing water vapour, thus two negative feedbacks have been discovered. Aerosol dirt and cloud cover, both major coolants from natural and man made sources in the case of dirt pollution are not included in the models, not because they are cheating, but the simpler answer is they are too complex to model. So by making models leaving out the coolants and overestimating the warming from everything else, what else could happen except overestimating the warming in real life?

Not content with a physical experiment's results from direct observations, the believers/followers have now reverted to soothsaying, claiming the models say it may cross 2C in 2100 so we can't stop trusting them. They do not know what positive feedback is, let alone what causes it, and they don't want to. They just listen to their elders and betters and when someone like them, ie a peer (peer review in fact) tells them the experiment is almost over and done, they call you a baby killer and racist. Why? Because instead of doing what we were all taught in school to follow the facts, present all the elements and draw a conclusion, they do the same as in North Korea and China and follow their leaders without question, as they are qualified, and 'why would they want to lie to us?'. The fact interest rates are kept low and they tell us it's helping the economy as house prices are rising and they believe that as well pretty well illustrates how colder winters are now caused by global warming.

Intelligence is not even a protection, as many academics believe this implicitly, maybe as academic prowess only partly overlaps with IQ, so does not either always require a high IQ or converted from those with high IQs to excellent results. Therefore we have many hard working not very bright academics, trusting in the same way as 'how could thousands of scientists cheat worldwide?' attitude which allowed Dr Harold Shipman to quietly murder pensioners for years. As long as the heavy bottom of the pyramid remains unawoken, they will not be immune to illusions but immune to facts. The latest trick NOAA, the US official meterological agency have pulled off is altering the temperature data dropping the last 30 years down (after raising the later 20 years up already) to recreate a rise on paper, despite today's actual temperature being identical. Who even noticed?

It would be bad enough if people blindly accepted projections 110 years ahead in 1990 with no evidence you can predict complex systems (as you can't), but to still totally trust them over 20 years later when they were clearly wrong is to me another reason for God to come down and flood the earth, wipe out Sodom and Gomorrah or send Jonah to sort out Nineveh. The world has hit an all time low, with idiots drooling in every continent and taking their knives out for those who dare to question the almighty Al Gore, that great climatologist with so much more knowledge and experience than the rest put together, except, he's just a politician who has used global warming to become a billionaire. But they'll never get it.


rogerhootonof Nuriootpa, south australia said...

Keep up the good work in 2014.

rogerhootonof Nuriootpa, south australia said...

30th December 2013
"A research vessel with climate scientists studying global warming in the Antartic gets stuck in record breaking sea ice. A better illustration of supreme irony would be hard to find." A letter today in The Australian newspaper.