Friday, December 06, 2013

To the Coalition, your slip is now showing

If everyone missed it (as few have our LBC local radio on where they are), at around 6pm yesterday Vince Cable told the presenter the coalition had used a Keynesian policy of deliberately creating a deficit.
Now besides not being official Tory policy (although it may be the minority Lib Dems), Cameron and Osborne have always claimed (unsuccessfully, as it hasn't happened) they were working to keep the deficit down through austerity.

That is neither Keynesian or honest, as the deficit has indeed increased, and now we have openly been told why, it was a deliberate policy. I could see they were doing it and have been saying it for years, but we were not officially supposed to know it. Now we all do, and if you think anyone else in Britain who voted Tory for what could laughingly be called right wing economic policies share this to let as many others know as a throwaway comment on a local radio station which is not podcast will not make the dailies so as usual we have to do the dirty work getting this muck reported. And forget Labour, they are Keynesian and advocate these policies, the twist being if you actually wanted them you would have voted a Labour government in and cheered while the economy crashed and burned. But the majority did not so should not have been deceptively inflicted such policies till it was too late and they admitted it.

Vince Cable should get the sack at least, not for speaking the truth today, but lying till today by joining the Tories and pretending they were in favour of deficit reduction. You have just seen a rare example of politicians dropping their masks. It happens maybe twice in a lifetime, so make a note of it.

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