Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Getting in the way

Throughout history, there has been a consistent theme in both spiritual and natural teaching, of the evil enemy doing all they can to stop you from becoming more capable so their tricks no longer work on you. This can be from the simplest level of ignorance of vital knowledge to preventing your enlightenment meaning you are no longer subject to temptation from the dark side. Either way, there are a heck of a lot of people around us the whole time intent on destroying our personal development as it threatens their power over us.

My new blog the Information Revolution deals with as much of the natural political side I can, which basically teaches anyone who cares to read it the tricks our lords and masters use to try and make us believe any old shit in order so they can offer the painful but vital solution to remedy it. Ones which coincidentally make them incredibly rich and successful and paid for by those supposed to be being protected by them. There is a 100% difference between protecting someone from harm, and a protection racket, and these sods are simply running the same protection rackets since day one in never ending variations of 'Pay us and your house won't burn down' type insurance policies.

Spiritual teachings uses the dark side entities which are meant to block every chance we have of developing our senses beyond the physical as they will no longer be able to mess with those who do. Now having practised such abilities for over 20 years they are definitely real, to what extent I can only go by what I have been taught, but assuming they can increase infinitely (as we are infinite in our ultimate nature) some teach that those who are already able to do this do not want the competition and will do all they can to keep every single person back who is working to do so. Whether or not they can is another matter, my area of interest is they clearly want to, in all areas of life, as in running this race they would prefer to maim the opposition than win it fairly. The second point all tyrants miss is other people's success can not stop our own as we are all running a personal race to our own goals, which are not the same for any two people as we are all different. There are enough women for every man, so stopping one person from having one you want does not mean they will want you, or there are not thousands more who would suit you equally. If someone you know makes millions it does not mean there is less left for you or others, but ask any socialist and that is exactly what they believe, so they work to stop you from succeeding financially as they genuinely imagine if any individual amasses 'too much money' (whatever amount that may be) it genuinely takes it from others, as if there is only a certain fixed amount of wealth ever created to be shared around.

Of course every motivation to block the success of others in any way is deluded, but human, and if you believe it, applies to evil spirits as well. Either way they all share one thing, they want to stop their competition by all possible means. Whether it's a mother telling their son their girlfriend rang to say she's dumped you (as she doesn't approve of her), or Al Gore asking you (no, telling you) for your money to stop global warming (which made him a billionaire), they want to succeed at your expense, and believe unless you also fail they cannot complete their own personal mission. Such delusions will mean along your road to success every so often you will come across some of these characters, and what they all have in common is nothing they say or do is motivated by the truth. The entire foundation of their plan is to destroy the perceived enemy, which may be you, and even though nothing they stop you from doing will make a single difference to their actual lives, they believe if you get whatever it is you are working towards it will hold them back as a direct result.

So, going back to the spiritual, if invisible entities are all around us making our lives go wrong, then being able to see them and communicate with them would stop it happening as we would become aware of it. Whether or not this really happens it is part of the oldest teachings around, and is the identical mechanism whether operated by Al Gore or Satan himself, some would ask what's the actual difference anyway. I am pointing this phenomenon out, in all its variations, so next time you want to go on holiday and you find the flight has doubled in price due to green taxes it's old Satan again trying to keep the masses where he can keep an eye on them and not getting around enjoying their freedom. Yes, it's utterly mental, and many companies end up losing money as it stops more people affording flights at all, but it's in their minds they need to tax you to carry out their mission. There have been so many films made where the police have tried to stop the cars of people trying to stop their girl from marrying someone else in time, or get to a dying relative, and the efforts made by the drivers to avoid them doing so, all based on the imaginary belief that person is a threat to the powers that be and must be stopped at every cost.

Cuba and China, as well as the old USSR did this on a grand scale, and set examples for the EU today. Why else would they be gradually banning cars in cities as well as already limiting the use of commercial vehicles, putting many self employed people out of business. Technically it's far more likely the motivation is they don't want so many people travelling freely (don't try and ask why, you end up going as mad as they are if you try to figure out their actual reasons), but has always been a major part of totalitarian forces worldwide. The London Congestion Charge stops people seeing friends and family, my neighbour can't take his son to stay with his grandma during the day in the holidays as he can't afford it, and this entirely immoral and worthless charge has guaranteed to be a block in the route of everyone now unable to afford to get to where they want to as the added amount puts it over the point of managing to.

That is why I value my freedom over everything else. How many times have you been desperate to get somewhere or get something and the road has been blocked by some pointless road works or the police who have shut the road for half the day after an accident even though it's already happened and working out exactly whose fault it is won't fix it either way? Then you realise many if not most of these blockages were not necessary, as the police could have simply moved all the damaged vehicles out of the way and used their knowledge to pin down the likely causes without hours of dusting the road with fingerprint powder and rubbing it with carbon paper. The road works need not normally cover two lanes when they are either only working on one, or not working at all but don't bother to remove the cones at night even when the roads behind them are usable. After about 50% (and probably quite a bit less), the amount taken in tax reduces as the rate rises, as people leave, work less and find ways to avoid paying. Therefore, by proven economic tests, any tax rate over 50%, as in present day France, is no more than a vindictive act against the very people making the national economy healthy, as everyone in power already knows it will take less than it did when lower.

Our entire lives will be a constant path of dodging people intent on blocking us. But every body and plant grows anyway, and although they can cut off our limbs they cannot shut our minds, so however hard they work to stop you developing both mentally and spiritually, technically if you are prepared for it then nothing they try will have any effect. If you meditate and accept it will work, then any attempts from outside forces will bounce off as you are protecting yourself against them. That would work even if such forces do not exist, as you will still be fully open to everything that could happen simply by knowing there is no force able to prevent it happening. Whether you believe in the spiritual or not, we all have the right to develop ourselves fully, and if not doing it by harming others, then in the very short time we have on this earth then no one should have the right to stop our means of progress. So whether it's stopping you from travelling, being with a certain partner, amassing wealth, finding out information you need (no one has the right to withhold information as it belongs to all of us), meeting your real parents, basically anything and everything some bugger will always try to stop you getting anything you really need or should have, it is both immoral, wrong and of absolutely no actual benefit to the person trying to stop you. What do the police get from seeing people die of a heart attack as the vehicle they were in cannot get to a hospital in time, or the council from slowing ambulances to 20mph with endless road humps? What benefit is it to your parents when they finally break up your marriage to someone they don't approve of? How much better off are the Occupy protestors in France now the rich have to pay 75% tax than they were before?

Answer to all, a big fat zero. But that simple fact has and will never stop them doing it anyway, so be aware, alert and ready to push through the barriers they will put up for you, and tell anyone else you see it being done to as well. No one has the right to interfere with other's lives, not even politicians, as officially they are working to help us do what we want and how we want to live, not how they want us to. Not in a democracy anyway, and if that's not the way it works where you live then it's not a democracy whatever system they use.

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