Monday, December 30, 2013

Science and politics part 2

This is such a massive subject the trends I've been watching recently mean it deserves an entire new entry. I know for certain, 100%, that a height chart needs no interpretation. You measure a person, you may have to convert it to and from metric, and everyone knows if they'll fit under a door or not. No questions at all. If someone is ill then you take their temperature, again maybe needing to convert to or from Centigrade, and you know if they're well or not, impossible to interpret. Any extension of measurements anywhere in nature is direct or indirect, but only either known or estimated. But not contentious.

Then we get to the climate. It is exactly the same as all above. No difference at all. But the people who believe in global warming nearly all fall into the left wing, and as such both accuse those not convinced and have the compliment returned of being on the other side politically. Just because an ideological group has become enamoured with a theory does not make it a political theory. Measuring scientific data will always be the same, whatever you are measuring. So assigning a political wing to physical data is anthropomorhism, only more so than with living things, but to totally dead lifeless objects. No, the rocks and sky cannot sing, or the sea cannot cry, they are dead inanimate physical material incapable of awareness, life or emotions, so no, what they are doing is not possible to interpret in sociological and psychological terms any more than suggesting a high temperature from the flu is a communist plot.

But this is exactly what the fighters on both sides have begun to do, they have fallen in a trap with absolutely no substance or value to it, and pointlessly expending energy on imagining the climate somehow is a political issue no different to socialism or fascism. So the climate can think, organise itself consciously and be manipulated depending on who is in power? Surely if it is a political issue it can only mean the climate is something subject to societal choice just like wages, taxes and curbing environmental pollution?

I suppose the one clue here is the believers assume (there is no proof as such) that because 'big business' and its offshoots have caused the climate to change, then those against capitalism will literally believe free enterprise has wrecked the climate, so as the guilty party must be curbed and punished, as it now is. But it is not a political issue, either CO2 is dangerous to the climate or it is not. How it got there is irrelevant, if it was from volcanoes or outer space then there would be no way to imagine it was part of the political system any more than the rain is now, but because of the most tenuous of links between big business creating the added CO2 and suggested wrecking of the climate the fly got into the transporter and the science is now tainted irredemably with fly DNA, if anyone has watched the film of that name.

But take the fly out of the equation and imagine CO2 had risen either naturally or inexplicably, and we'd all be observers, curious but only the weaker minded concerned about the consequences, as if the temperature hadn't risen very much after a 50% rise then we could all breathe a sigh of relief and get back to business as usual, as it has. But apparently just because this CO2 has 3% from man made energy usage (that's all that is man made, not much actually) that is enough to cause a scientific issue to have become tainted with the poisonous element of politics despite still being a dead scientific issue regardless of the cause. I am aware telling big business not to do its thing is indeed extremely political, but that is just the knee jerk response of, unfortunately, the left, who have been hooked into this accidentally as for the first time ever the western powers are now using policies they had been advocating from the fringes for centuries. Only the extreme left have made an issue as physical as the weight of their testicles into something designed to destroy western society and its values and use science to justify their existing wishes which could never have come into being without a totally unconnected reason which they now have.

But shift things around in any way you like and climate and other physical measurements can and will only ever be dead science, and anyone who says more should be sent to reeducation camps until they learn better.

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