Monday, December 16, 2013

The universal mind

Of course you can already read everything you need to know about the universal mind elsewhere, so this is my own personal experience of it, from the earliest memories onwards. My recent lessons and experience also indicate two levels of connection, the partial and intermittent we all get at times, and the open channel we develop. I doubt anyone doesn't have it as we are all made with the same equipment, but most don't recognise or believe it so dismiss and worse still block it if it does come along.

I've described my early experiences before, so just say a few things I was drawn to and then could tune in to over my first twenty years proved all genuine when I could discover the real evidence, so have a basis for my current acceptance. The evidence has to be found not usually by you, but the others who can't accept any other way of discovering any knowledge besides the direct way of physically learning it. No, that is the secondary way, as all the teaching says. Direct information, like the names and places I am given in dreams where I clearly have never been to or read, but are very easy to look up and prove real, are a bypass of the critical faculty, as if you are fed not just one, but a bunch of obscure names you find are collected together on a map and usually only have a single internet mention (another great task to find deliberately) are direct messages clearly from intelligences (how else would you be given so much connected information?) leaving little or now doubt they must be genuine.

I believe I should be able to open this pretty naturally now, and when other lessons talk about the power of will then it does not have any reason to think otherwise. One lesson says to breathe in xi energy, as if you don't decide to you just breathe in air. That means the power of our will is above every physical action, ie thought is above the physical. It is just a matter of harnessing and controlling it, and believe it or don't the UFOs are often said to be biological and piloted by thought alone. If we aim our bodies in a direction we get there, so why not use it to control everything else?

So the next stage is seeing the results. But when I go on these sites and offer my opinions, there have been times I'd been asked about an issue and first off I had no interest or opinion either way, we don't really need to, but when asked they came to me, I checked them to see why, and realised it was correct. I didn't spend years thinking about it, or even minutes. The opinion was felt, then I thought about it to see why, and it all fit together. Of course some are so trivial (like the new two child benefit proposed before the next election) no opinion is required (although it is logical it's hardly world changing) but on more major issues it can be if nothing else a good test of our connection to ask what the right opinion is, and see literally which feels right for you. That feeling is a feeling of comfort, of being right, from your intuition. Then you can spend as long as it needs following it up to see the facts behind it, while others may never be able to gain enough evidence you are right as some things will never be discovered in our lifetimes.

It is possible rather than me choosing to open the channel fully the decision was a response to it being opened and feeling it. They are two sides of the same coin really, but the stage of testing is now here, and have written this as a first statement of intent to see myself let alone for others whether anything has changed in any material written after this point. Secondly I mentioned it as a reason to let it flow, as you can't channel information without something to communicate it. It is surprising when you want to test a system you can't think of much to do with it, all that came to me was to show me another old road sign (it did this for me already much of the time, but more quickly if possible now), it pointed me in a direction and well over an hour looking and nothing so far but have a day or two left before I won't have a chance to look there this week. These answers tend to come either as answers to questions or on their own, I'm not used to testing myself without a helper, but am working on it now to stretch the abilities.

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