Tuesday, December 03, 2013

How many Indian snooker players does it take for equality?

Why are there so few ethnic minorities in professional snooker or golf, no Indian professional footballers in the league, so few women directors, so many black men in prison, so many Indians running shops, so many black boxers, athletes and footballers, and any other curiosity of numbers?

The answer, for me, is why does anyone care? Because there are. Unless there are no rules preventing them from joining, which would now be illegal (although some golf clubs in London apparently still ban Jews, so it's not a perfect law) that is the only answer you need and should want. A free society sorts itself out. Laws prevent injustice, outside those limits people are free to take on the ambitions they have, and ought to succeed on their merits. Anyone insulting my intelligence asking why are there so many... ought to think if they really are so stupid they have to ask such obvious questions, it only reflects on their own total absence of insight, and thus by asking such questions they are actually patronising themselves, as only a small child would actually hold such a level of naivety, so really they are not even insulting my intelligence, but their own.

On a tangent to the same people, who genuinely challenge grammar schools as they don't want anyone to do better than anyone else unless they now have to pay for the privilege, as grammar schools actually allowed children from all backgrounds and incomes to do well, they also assume all jobs should be homogenously divided amongst the general population.

So technically such boundaries and differences could be extended, to pensioners and children having to work (as many do in the third world), and as Peter Cook and Dudley Moore pointed out in the 60s, a one legged Tarzan. I almost feel I am demeaning myself by bothering to explain something which to me should not need explaining, like why is it warmer during the day. But just one example and then I will have to have a shower to cleanse myself of the opprobrium of lowering myself to such a level.

Why are there so many Indians running shops? Because they fucking want to and are clearly very good at it. If other races want to run shops they can, but the Indians are clearly very happy to do so and have cornered the market. If anyone doesn't like it then write a law making them having to be owned by all races equally, like the Soviet Union or Uganda may. If not then just leave society to shake out exactly as it does and assume it is because that is how things are naturally and there is absolutely no need for anyone to question it if discrimination is already illegal.

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