Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Practising the higher mind

Great claims require great evidence, so as my own practice at opening the universal mind I have simply opened a box here and see what it provides for me. I have known enough since day one that something was attached to my being, in a way of a pre-loaded library, like a disk drive, which from soon after birth was carrying a large area of information I knew already, and have had no doubt since was totally genuine. What about coincidences? Validation from others in the form of corroboration, when something which just came to you is then mentioned virtually word for word by another, or others? Clearly you are less likely to be making it up, or they, if something that specific and often fairly obscure became obvious to you both in the same way. Plus the feeling of certainty, the stability you get when you simply feel something is right in your entire body and being.

My next step is to do anything I can to expand this ability so it opens up and eventually becomes as natural as thought. As with my psychic readings, the first level, it's simply a matter of doing it. The higher level of psychic readings is active, where you are asked specific questions rather than just unloading everything which comes to you. Full discovery should then involve asking questions and letting the answers come. My own sensing works pretty well on strangers and bogus claims. Once you get the feeling of bad, unfortunately with me at least that is the strongest feeling of all, so can sense a bad atmosphere and anything else apparently positive or neutral but I can see straight into it. And never be put off because you can't prove it to others. You can tell them, they may discover later on but will always know you knew first. And don't allow anyone to make you doubt.

There is a lot of traditional spiritual teaching here, simply as the truth never changes. God itself if nothing else exists as a frequency, so when I sense bad vibes, literally, you can also sense good vibes, and at the highest known level is called god. I can't answer much more than that on god as I haven't got any further, but all frequencies are common, and also affect groups and entire societies, blowing in like a dose of flu and hopefully clearing again as flu. That affects those caught up in it, sadly again currently the vast majority being negative, as if they are the same person. So global warming victims (as in mentally), anti-racists (ie obsessively seeing it everywhere as a paranoiac would), immature rants, whatever the current possession by evil expresses itself as, mean these affected individuals are interchangeable, switching one for another is barely noticeable if only in writing and often in speech as well. They seem to actually represent that person as an individual, but although they are susceptible to mental invasion when it wears off then they can carry on as before without whichever delusion has taken hold of them. Basically all aspects of mental illness being woven into otherwise weak but normal personalities as if affected by poison gas.

The upside was the hippy movement, when a vast section of society gradually fell into a higher level in the mid 60s, and expressed (without the need for drugs) visually in the psychedelic art and designs which have not been matched before or since. Having lived through the middle of it at my most formative period, when life shifted from home and school alone to the outside world around the age of seven, I was personally swept up in it and the energy (as stated on my biog here) has never left. That has kept out the bogeymen of bad thoughts ever since, and allowed me to see others drunk on the spiked punch of political correctness and divide and rule which cults use to separate victims from their families.

The universal mind must have helped me to identify these areas, as no one told me, it is simply directly from my own experience. I counselled people from the age of 13, and knew exactly what to say as to me it was so obvious there was no conscious method required. And I never offered the service, I'd be talking to someone about other things and out came their deepest problems, and the gratitude, for an hour or so of talking, was the reward in return. No weekly sessions and deep therapy, just hearing the problem and offering the solutions. I qualified in order to validate my natural abilities, make them reliable and conscious, and get paid to do it. I regularly hear about unseen third parties in my client's lives, and can tune in to the people so well I may as well have them there, and the times I have met them they were pretty much as expected. I also speak about them in ways many are amazed by as I am talking about their detailed personality as if I knew them better than they do. That is partly simply using the information but added to the tuning in to the people directly.

I do the same with news stories and any information presented in the media, and for example the Dutch study which claimed people became more racist when interviewed in poor areas than nice struck me as so bogus it represented everything wrong with 21st century science. Then a year or so later it turned out by pure chance (some students saw the figures were too regular and ran them through a test algorithm finding they must be deliberate not random) the entire study was made up, as were most of the head of department's other studies, he wrote them at home while taking months off for fieldwork, and simply invented the subject matter and interviewees and their responses. As peer review includes implicit trust they don't challenge if a study is bogus as they assume they are all genuine. Then up to half become retracted at a later date as they are spotted by sharp eyes, as reported on Retraction Watch.

So my current aim is to shift from level one (basic) to level two (total), there are no other levels as either you have a loose connection or a good one. I know it can be done and explained many examples. I now need more as my personal success to now has been so far below my early plans something extra is required. I can see the potential, and spoken to people who have already reached it, although the one difference is many gifted people don't understand the gifts as they have the power but not much knowledge or control of it so let it come and go as it wishes, and do little with the information they bring in. I was trained since 1991 to make the most of any little ability I had, and can drag it out of others who have already reached the higher levels but many are not even aware they can. Once you cross a line and set a precedent, like having an out of body experience, you have evolved to a higher level knowing there is more. It's like a film with other dimensions, even if only a few people are using them and the rest have no idea they exist, in that universe they do and could become apparent at any time.

So I will keep opening the door to the universal mind and see what comes in, there isn't any direct way of raising vibrations and the ensuing results or we'd all be doing it already.

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