Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Traditional values are now evil?

It is very sad that in the 21st century anyone with what used to be considered traditional, even family values is not just considered wrong but often evil by the mainstream. What I mean by this is the simple, old-fashioned way of life before the 1960s (not that I was there, but it only slowly began to change a couple of decades after that when I certainly was), where the ideal way of life (although far from exclusive) was a family of parents and children, where the mother stayed at home and looked after the children before they went to school, and then may have worked afterwards but could normally afford not to if they didn't want to. The cleverest children got a free selective education, courtesy of grammar schools, and if clever enough were then able to take a degree and be paid to do so. Granted immigration only began in large numbers from the 70s onwards, and in Britain (whether or not by coincidence) also came with gradual and then more radical changes in our society. Such changes which are not just celebrated by the left, but actually set out as if they are the only way to live, even though we lived very happily long before any such areas were present.

I suppose apart from the policies which affect everyone, such as flooding London and places around with immigrants from anywhere and everywhere, should really be down to personal choice, and if someone wants to live in a family of two men and a transsexual and their children from various means of production it is entirely their business, but there are also studies which may show the optimum environments for raising children which do not include them. Getting rid of grammar schools most definitely destroyed education from that point on, as now unless they are given the money only the rich can now get a decent education. There were also simple pleasures associated, even in London, with a lower density of population. The queues or waiting times for medical and dental appointments and council offices etc were never as long, (although admittedly my surgery did not have appointments so we just went and waited), parking was normally free outside the centre of London, and the roads rarely got jammed besides the old bottlenecks now bridged or tunnelled. Petrol and energy was cheap, electricity prices were almost negligible and car insurance was in two figures. If you'd earned money and saved enough to invest you could get 5-10% interest, which was normally above inflation and if not still provided enough income to select what you spent it on, as inflation is not uniform so can be partly avoided.

Back then the environmental movement was literally protecting animals and keeping the environment clean, something even I would call givens and something society needs to enforce on the less enlightened areas who give neither area any concern. People saved up for cars and holidays and debt was the exception to the rule for the rare expensive item paid for by working in the same job for so long you could rely on meeting the payments in most cases. Only a small minority of students and sociologists criticised the middle class values of the time, wanting to make the best of yourself and improve on the previous generation's position. The far left were considered a fringe on the extreme, who wanted (usually from the highest positions in society they told everyone else were wrong) to remove the differences in wealth and force all poor children to go to the same schools. Somehow, under Harold Wilson and following governments (including Conservatives) these policies became realities, with 98% supertax and the abolition of grammar schools in the early 70s. Margaret Thatcher reversed the high taxation at least, but by then we were deep into the Common Market and losing more and more of our own ability to make national laws.

The academic London left never stop. Having worked in Haringey and Camden, two of the richest and furthest left councils in the entire world, I saw the beginnings of political correctness in the 80s, following the extreme anti-Semitism expressed by fellow students at college in the 70s. Words and attitudes became gradually outlawed, first racial, then social (like 'backward' and 'subnormal') and medical ('mongol', 'spastic', 'cripple' etc), and then extended to covering up bad behaviour by racial groups, as if a high percentage of rapes or muggings were carried out by a certain group it was actually (and still is) attempted in every possible way to hide their racial origins, and then deny it was relevant if not possible to. You then heard of councils deliberately hiding crimes carried out in the ethnic communities, as they didn't want to create divisions and reactions against them. Of course to them keeping the multicultural dream alive was far more important than protecting society from criminals, including a huge gang of organised child molestors who only just began being prosecuted in 2013 after being hidden for years.

What we are now left with is the left wing view of the only way society must be, otherwise described by me as hell.

We are either in or heading towards a country (and any other where the same policies have been adopted) with no dominant racial group in numbers, but each racial group sticking in tightly knit local communities with a minimum amount of interaction with any other group, an education system where only the rich can make the most of their abilities, and then the degrees everyone does get are devalued as they pass half the population even though till the rules were changed only 5% of all students were capable of completing them. This means a generation or more of professionals mainly incompetent in their chosen fields but let through as the standards had been dropped secretly. We are looking towards swathes of professionals and their employees not understanding much of their subjects, making simple errors, and in the case of science and architecture making extremely dangerous miscalculations. Only the better off can afford to drive and travel for pleasure, while more and more people can no longer afford adequate heating.  And should anyone dare to complain, whether about how their area hardly has anyone speaking English and how long they have to queue for the doctors while the receptionists are using interpreters for many of the patients, or how they can't afford to visit their families as the costs of transport are too high they are called racists or told not to travel to save the planet.

The Soviets or Chairman Mao could not have created a worse society if they'd sent in all their troops and ordered everyone to integrate at gunpoint, mainly as this revolution has actually distorted people's minds as well as their lives. The longer this situation is maintained the more people actually start believing it is the right way to be, and they join the leaders, nagging people to reduce their carbon footprints and calling anyone who makes the slightest complaint against modern life a racist, homophobe and possibly a murderer. The Russians were also not allowed to speak freely, but it is debatable whether many of the citizens believed much of what Stalin or Brezhnev made them say was true, unlike today's herds.

The socialists and greens would not want to have their money taken from the either, and if anyone dared to block the road when they were driving to their family for Christmas as they had exceeded this year's carbon emissions, they would probably try and fight them as much as every other.

What those at the bottom wish for everyone else will hurt them as much as everyone else, the Russian Communist party members did not suffer from the poverty or lack of freedom of the masses, neither do Al Gore or Chris Huhne suffer the same restrictions they legislated on everyone else. None of the Greenpeace elite, UN committee members, climate professors or London council leaders will suffer much of the policies they are imposing on us, as they make the rules they can make the loopholes. So by betting against the market they can own wind farms, collect carbon credits, and basically suck all the money out of society everyone else is forced to hand over for themselves. That is why supposedly left wing green activists will force severe restrictions on everyone else's lives as most if not all will benefit from it directly, otherwise why would they create a hell on earth unless they were immune and exempt from it? Now it makes perfect sense.

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