Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Max Keiser, an enigma wrapped in a conundrum

I have been following Max Keiser a few years now, and he has taught me all I need to know about 21st century economics, which is absolutely accurate. But in his position, what would I do? I totally agree knowledge in itself is power, and he is indeed, as his programme claims, spreading the truth about markets. But given the privilege for both him and his guests to share a platform internationally to share the details of international organised fraud and not actually do any more than offer a solution than invest in gold, silver, and (spit) bitcoins, and boycott selected companies, is not exactly my idea of power. The gold he tipped for $6000 started well, shooting up from $300 to $1500 before it plateaued, which he claims is by market manipulation, but then again had I been employed in economics I would have realised the forthcoming credit crash I knew would happen would mean cash being diverted to commodities, the first always being gold, with consequent direct price rises through sudden demand.

I will also bring another mentor in here, LBC's Anthony Davis, who firstly confirmed every single person has the right to see through the errors (deliberate or otherwise) of professionals through the higher quality of common sense. He created (with me) the Information Revolution when he asked what we'd do to create a revolution, and that was my response. So to complete the circle he also told me Max Keiser's NYU education was not in economics, which he learned afterwards on the job, but drama. He is not on TV because he is an economist, but an actor. That in itself does not disqualify him, me, Anthony or anyone else from speaking the truth about other professions but does mean maybe his width of knowledge is nowhere near as great as you'd have had he actually been an economist. So, he is not an economist, but at least he has worked in the markets on Wall Street and seen the inherent fraud within and used its exposure to create a unique career.

But his knowledge is focussed like a professionals', narrow and specific. Outside his narrow band of expertise, he is a klutz. A lowest of the low sheep who is no less ignorant as the dumb fucks who both voted Obama in a second time, but call 'racist' every time he is criticised. He is down in the sewers with all the idiots, unless, even worse, he is one of the leaders pretending on TV to be a dumb sheep and poison millions of trusting minds every time he opens his mouth outside his narrow field of market fraud. Yes, I mean science. He and Stacey, Mrs Keiser, are a two person Janus, a two faced monster making claims of the lowest possible quality about the planet heating up, melting ice, frying, and all the other Hansenisms based on data which never existed at all, let alone happened and stopped.

So either they are both as thick as their victims, which doesn't seem right as they are neither liberal or left, he appears to be a centre-right Democrat or thereabouts, a capitalist who is not intent on destroying western capitalism which is all global warming was ever about, or part of the problem. Logic dictates the likelihood anyone capable of such insight in a field not exactly within his own study is unlikely to be so ignorant to doing sums in science which don't add up either? If he is not as thick as two short planks and unable to work out exactly what he worked out is being done to the economy is happening in science it would make little sense. So more likely he is using his power not to sort out the economic fraud, but use it to divert attention from the scientific driven economic fraud. ie don't hand your money over to the Gambini clan, but to the Obama clan. Same organisation, different beneficiary.

Logically there is little other conclusion. Unless he genuinely can't add up 0.7C and relate it to the world ice coverage, and realise the energy involved is unable to do anything anyone can measure with certainty, he knows perfectly well, and wants the 'solution' to be to divert our cash from the bankers to the illuminati, Rockefeller's boys running the biggest game in town. They have more money than their family could spend in eternity, so it's not the cash but making everyone else poor to then control them in slavery. Don't ask me why, as Henry Kissinger said, we need to reduce the population by 80% as life will be so much better for those remaining. Fine as long as you're not the person choosing the 80% and dealing with it. More than that is not needed to know except people have wanted to run the world since Genesis and still do. It doesn't need to be rational as well.

Of course this is only a theory, but there are only two possible answers and I leave it to you to decide. But surely, if I or anyone actually wishing not just to expose the fraud, but remove it, which in five years has not happened, simply standing by and commentating on how much they have stolen and who from every three days is not really constructive. And then (he wouldn't do it much or it would become obvious and detract from his personal field) drop global warming every few months, using the lowest possible standard of claims to do so which no one outside the people who believe it is possible to know what will happen in 2100 (yes, it's many millions, god help us), and everyone else realises is bogus. He can add up. If he can add up he knows his climate claims are bogus as he would be reading numbers off a calculator and quoting others, which is dishonest.

So, to be charitable, let's say he is so blinded by fear of nothing (he won't be alive in 2100 either, fancy that) he can't think right when the climate cloud comes down, he is not fit for purpose and should be retired and sent to learn about science, preferably in the Antarctic, for a few years, so he can also directly experience what he believes is warming and melting.

I am fed up with heads on sticks, qualified or otherwise, doing the same mock auctions by showing you some really valuable stuff, hooking you in, and then selling you a plastic and glass necklace for £100. If he was really sincere as well as astute, he would genuinely work out a proper set of actions to undo this worldwide fraud which we now all know about (it's because most don't care that nothing happens) rather than simply tell people where to hedge their bets. He did not, however, tell them the guaranteed place to invest out a depression, which everyone with excess cash does anyhow, which is to buy property in London. Gold will go down, houses in London will not only increase many times faster than inflation, but provide an annual income and maturity value whenever you want to cash in.

I am not a broker, economist, or broadcaster, but I could have told you all to do that and the reply I'd have got is 'we knew that already'. Unlike gold, silver and bitcoin, which are ultimately fairly worthless (gold), marginally useful but not scarce (silver) or a mock auction (bitcoin), which may have the real gold ring in the pack or the plastic ones everyone else gets. They are not as random as the stock market, but just swing more slowly over time. And can all go down to where they were at the start, which property does not. So even his risky and sketchy advice not even to reform a corrupt system, but hedge against and profit from it, is not as good as mine. QED?

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