Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Max Keiser's second (?) career

Max Keiser on global warming alarmism

"MK: My interest in AGW is economic. The science debate ended 20 years ago. The deniers lost. AGW is now accelerating and the costs are skyrocketing. Pension costs as indicated in link, climate migrants, insurance market collapse, etc. are out of control. Carbon trading and carbon taxes are just diversions and will never cover the cost of AGW. You never hear me talking about them because it’s too late for either carbon taxes or carbon trading (carbon trading could work by the way, check out the history of sulphur trading and acid rain). If you thought you were poor now, wait another five years. Welcome to the reservation. Buying Silver en masse will destroy the banks and give us a medium of exchange to rebuild society from scratch. Humanity 1.0 is finished."

Max Keiser slates global warming deniers

Climate change researchers have been able to attribute recent examples of extreme weather to the effects of human activity on the planet’s climate systems for the first time, marking a major step forward in climate research."

That's one hell of an academic article, worthy of peer review and publication in 'Science'

What's this, has he seen the light? Profiting from climate change

Who knows? He didn't write it

Climate change, more dangerous than terrorism

These are not the work of either a genuine economist, whistle blower or fighter of fraud. And he really can't add up, or quote scientific titles, let alone abstracts and direct quotes from papers.

My trust is melting like the ice isn't.

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