Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bored again

I may well have used this title already, it's actually pinched from an episode of The young ones, but appropriate enough here (now edited to avoid confusion). After a hectic weekend, I'm back down to Earth, and apart from an unconfirmed event pencilled in for Friday (more on Friday itself, lots of fate to tempt, potential egg on face etc.), I have sod all to do till then. Women, dead, work, quiet, news, non-existent. I've even done most of the jobs around the house at last, leaving only the ones outdoors that need around 20'C before I touch them.
These are the times I need to be with friends and family, but am not. There is only so much you can do on your own with a computer, TV, keyboard and cat. I videoed the Welsh Harp reservoir last week for the first time, until the battery went after about a minute. Admittedly, unlike past weeks, there's no crap ahead (well, at least not in the diary), but there really is nothing else. When there's nothing on TV I say Maharaji's arranged it so I can meditate, and that is improving, which is a positive.

Meanwhile some updates (i.e. not) from past posts. The newspaper editor has managed to evaporate after a holiday, having promised to give her verdict on my writing. I emailed to say that as I have plenty of other strings to my bow I wasn't relying on writing for the future career so would not mind in the slightest being told my work was crap and to give up (more or less|). So now I either think she assumed if I didn't hear from her it was caca, or she is involved in something more interesting. She may well read this, and I really don't think it's bad manners to mention it now as I mentioned the start of the story over a month ago, and it needs updating.

Every other egg mentioned in the past has apparently not existed, some better off that way, others probably only were in my imagination. At least it applies to the bad ones as well so far. Apart from that I'm arranging a singles night at the gym, which I don't remember anyone doing before, so at least I'm providing a service, and may profit myself as well. There are certainly at least ten possible candidates, nine of whom probably aren't actually single, but that's the best way to find out.

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