Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Well, I've just found a blog more trivial and banal than mine or anything else I've come across. I won't embarrass the individual by mentioning a name, and he actually seems really decent, and it's very well written, but it's also a lesson on how to curtail your detail when it comes to blogging, and try and spice things up beyond just the shopping and gardening.

Prompted by my mother's (my greatest critic) latest comment, viz "Maybe people think your blog's self-centred as you do so little to talk about so talk about yourself instead?".
Added to the (pretty bloody accurate) observation by my father that I can only attract women who aren't 'all there', my parents (separated since 1981 by the way) know how to state the bleeding obvious, as Basil Fawlty so perfectly put it. Well, I'm not perfect, as Buddha told me (well, wrote for me and everyone else 2500 years ago). That's called the state of being human and I really don't mind. In fact one frightening theory behind karma is it's to hassle us so much with shit we eventually become immune to each source of aggravation till we do, apparently, become perfect. Why? This is the only time I can partly agree with Dr McCoy in a Star Trek film (it's on my interests list by the way) in his statement he'd rather keep his pain, that I'd rather keep at least some of my weaknesses. If the price I have to pay to lose them is to have every type of situation thrown at me in this life and possibly many others then it's a system that is cruel and peculiar, and not my idea of 'God's plan'. My preference is the theory once we are aware of darkness just the once, we never need it to return to experience the contrast of the light again. OK, both views, like (hold on to your hats, believers) protestantism and catholicism are both potentially just two alternate versions of bollocks that to me are equally invalid. That just shows the two sides of the coin, that conventionals say this about the theories I explore, and I say about theirs. How's that, judgement from the old age and the new age, and either way it's still judgement and imperfect as a result.

But my final line here is what will happen if we ever find the truth? Then these theories will simply either be wrong or right. Judgement is actually opinion based, and any spiritual theory can never be more than an opinion until we know the truth. That also implies the statement chrisitians quote from the bible 'the only way to God is through Jesus Christ' is no more or less valid than any of the apparent bollocks I spouted earlier, it's just written in an older book. If that makes it valid, all I'd say is the Buddha's books are even older. So really the argument appears meaningless. OK, this discourse has hardly challenged the levels of Voltaire or Proust (like I've ever read any...) but I hope at least it's logical. It took me 45 years of mental equations to get this far anyway.

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