Monday, March 07, 2005

In the now

I can update a few little details from last time- I was right about the lady at the gym having a boyfriend, though I can't confirm whether he's psychotic. My idea for a singles night there has been a partial success as they agreed to it, but want a barbecue in the summer. Well, I'm single now, and see little reason to wait, but to quote Harry Hill who may actually have an answer for everything in just four catchphrases, I don't make the rules.
In 'other news' (Jon Tickle's quote, I like to quote my heroes) an email I sent 4 months ago has just arrived at its destination, digging up a few dead dogs in the process and may be one of 'the scriptwriter's' little jokes, managing to use an inefficient server to bugger up an already terminal situation. I have been ordered not to mention any names here so I won't, but the results of the little joke have been pretty weird.

I have various projects to keep me busy while trying to forget about the upcoming TV showing, starting with the continuing article one. I'm also about to start a home study course in post traumatic stress treatment, part of my annual continuing education, and this time bloody expensive to boot. But if fate has successfully given me something positive, exactly the way I hoped, then maybe trusting the rest of the year should be easier. That means not planning or predicting too far ahead, but just letting things go on as they do, and hoping something comes of it.
I'll just mention here I am trying to get a list of other blogs linked to mine, joined blogroll etc., but so far haven't got a thing to work. I have a number of blogs I read and who comment here and if someone can tell me how, I will link them on my homepage here.


Anonymous said...

Not to but in where I do not belong, but, oh well, what can I say except that yes, the email verifies date sent as 4 March 2005. It does not have a sent date of Decemember 2004.


David said...

I'm no expert (and now I'll have to ask a few) but I do know stuff can get stuck on the servers at either end (my text and voice messages on my mobile phone do regularly) and like letters get delivered once they become noticed by the sending software. The date is irrelevant as if it's been redirected by my server after an indefinite time, the date displayed can clearly show when the server decided to send it, not when I did. This definitely happens with large attachments which aren't returned but clog up the system sometimes, and just demonstrates the limits of email.

Anonymous said...

I've had this happen with before. I was living out west, sent my mom a couple of notes in April 2002 shortly before I moved back to Ontario and she got them in August 2002 and was mightily confused as to why I was talking about being out west. I don't know for sure the date stamp on them, but I believe it was the date I sent them.