Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday- the result

I said something may happen on Friday- well it did!

I had my third session with my alien abductee (alleged), but it was filmed for satellite TV (more details later in the year as it's only the first day of many months of filming the rest of the series). It was booked just over a week ago, and now I feel like a pregnant woman who knows the potential, but can't 100% guarantee the successful birth. I can say the filming went well, the nature of the session was fascinating, and oddly enough, he did say in the previous one I was on the edge of a breakthrough. As this is an international channel if the programme does go ahead (and no reason why not) it'll be on more or less worldwide.

So for four hours this afternoon my downstairs became a TV studio, including outdoor shots, and my HQ (where I use the computer and work from) will hopefully become known around the world! So I now have 6 months to wait for the preview, and then for the actual showing later on, but I'm happy, it's happened and went as well as it could have. Technically little if anything else was on the system otherwise, and it did make me realise that in contrast. I hope I'll be able to address all that now, as basically the woman situation is dire, though one at the gym (probably with a psychotic boyfriend) is on the verge of being approached sooner or later by me. And if I remember correctly it may be the first I've tried with a tatoo, which will be original. At least it won't get in my way like a piercing would... (yech!).

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