Saturday, April 02, 2005

Another day

Just to update yesterday, which was free from start to finish, I did neither of the things I said, Homebase didn't have what I wanted (don't ask, some things are too boring even for here). Instead I did a couple of similar things, including taking a photo of a car parked off the road without a number plate but still showing the ad plate of the original garage, Tropical Ford in South Orlando, Florida. What someone's doing with a new Ford muscle car that he can't actually drive is a mystery, which is why I took the photo for my collection.
I also ordered a model Renault Avantime, a car which was hyped for years, arrived late in 2001 and almost instantly withdrawn after barely selling one unit. As there are less than 10 in Britain (though I've seen a few) I may as well have a model to see it at my leisure.

To quote my grandma, I didn't see a single person all day (except the staff in the Renault garage). After that it was TV and then my forum chatroom, but at least it was UFO day on the Discovery channel so there was plenty to watch, especially as the normal 5 channels had cack on from 7.30 onwards. Sadly, for all those clever Dicks who 'prefer to live alone' (something we call rationalisation in therapy), the day highlighted perfectly why it's better to share your house, as otherwise you have to rely on secondhand entertainment via a screen, which isn't good for the soul when it takes up most of a day off. I'll just finish with the extended observation of people who claim not to want or need a partner. These are either people who had one and are scared to suffer a break up again, or those who are simply inadequate and lying to cover up their inability to assimilate. We are not designed to spend long periods alone, and anyone who does through 'choice' raises my suspicions at least. If you know anyone like this then look behind it, you'll find something I'm sure.

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