Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Why oh why?

I know some posts tend to repeat themselves, but only because many situations in my life go in spirals (not circles, as they go forward as well as round) so I can only reflect that here.

To risk upsetting my new friend here Newport, I'm going to summarise every woman I'm inerested in or connected with at the moment. Maybe someone can make sense of it...

The main 'egg' has gone quiet this week, but I know she's busy and has probably no idea I even care about her. I'll sort this out in a few days one way or the other.
The next one is old news, I see no relationship now but any other activity would be welcome as winning the lottery, having my name in lights and any other success you could imagine. At least women's unreliable side may work in our favour when they change their mind in a useful way eventually.

I just went on a blind date, I was impressed by her honesty and directness (though not being British it hardly reflects on any change in British behaviours). My most pointless comment ever received is now being told I'm 'Average looking'. I can think of few other personal observations of less practical benefit. Pity she didn't see my willy then... She listed all my other faults and assets, which was bloody useful as no other woman has dared or bother to make such an effort, and just let me fail or succeed in complete darkness. So tidying up my hair and clothes is hardly a tough route to take, and one I often do when I need to.

At my club there are what I'd call a collection of class and quality rarely equalled. I have worked my slow way through them (no one speaks in the gym) though half are under 25 (out of bounds, in their eyes), and each following one has turned out to be attached. Of course the singles night will highlight the available few, and as not one is currently sporting any facial hair, warts, horns or other frightening appendages I can't see myself being too disappointed with the remainder. Just to give a view, there's an Asian lady about 30 I came across once, and the second time I spoke to her she reacted as if I'd sprayed her with a deadly poison. There was a vision with a fair pony-tail who came in regularly and actually gave the impression a giraffe does of total peace and silence throughour her slow progress around the machines. I reckon if I'd have spoken to her I'd have got one word (more likely a grunt) and a back turned on me. Then of course there was the frizzy blonde, with the fucking male model waiting on the chair outside, ready to castrate any man who dared to talk to her outside the gym with a handy machete strapped to his leg.

Basically I go to the gym for body building, so I'm not really there to pull, but the quality of women that are around me for 3 hours a week is impossible to ignore, isn't it. The staff (the under 25's) are of equal quality, who I do know a lot better, but again, availability and interest are not present, though each would make a formidable prize with a list of separate star qualities. I can't actually think of anywhere I've been before with more than a couple of above-average women (colleges, community centres and the like), so this is really quite unusual.

Besides all of them, is there anyone else? Apparently not, previously I did have an on-off girlfriend for the last three years (see, I can keep some things quiet!) but in the end she had to go, trust me. But for the last year or more I had been looking elsewhere once it was clear she wasn't 100% (OK, even 30%) right for me. Yes, I am 'active', it's the 'who' rather than the 'what' where the trouble lies. If I'd given a different impression before, it wasn't intentional, but being with the 'right' person (there are many thousands who could qualify for this around here) is what makes the difference, not the presence of the available but not adequate.

Business and pleasure, different rules. Those who try and spread the two can't win, paying for women whether through prostitution or importing from abroad is not a relationship and could only develop into one by pure chance if they happened to pay for the right one. But that's the exception, and even throwing amounts of cash at agencies and many other planned events is a pretty low success to investment ratio. I know two men with 'The gift'. This means they naturally can approach a woman anywhere and chat them up. They wait till they get a response, positive or negative, and then either jump into bed or move on. Now I have a couple of natural talents, but this isn't one of them. It could probably be learned but I'd rather learn to ski, parachute jump or mountaineer rather than something that tough...

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