Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Inspiration and enlightenment

Having heard from two independent sources last week that the world I see is an illusion, I am the source and everything in reality, and once I start to be conscious of this fact I will literally be able to manipulate it at will.

Only two things are possible. It's either wrong or right, no in between. The status quo appears to be things are 99.9% as they seem. Except for the extremely rare reality shifts I experience, combined with many others' anecdotes, everything is consistent, solid and very, very real. By working on the belief it's just a dream and therefore flexible and totally harmless I'm supposed to be able to disconnect slowly and gradually until I suddenly do something that proves that it was all my own projection and I can look behind it.

As the hard, tough and frequently extremely nasty real world is nothing to hold on to, I'm aiming towards discovering if something that is real lies behind. Though there have always been islands of heaven in the desert, most I see nowadays belong to someone else and are only seen from the other side of the fence. They are not really within anyone's power to get, but like any other gift is given when the system chooses to give it and not when we decide we'd like it now. All in all it's a package much like a lucid dream, which can swing from neutral to awful and anywhere else even once you've realised it is a dream. Learning to control a lucid dream is a skill in itself. Flying is the easiest, as even though you realise you're dreaming, despite everything else having to be you as well, I still have a personal space within it and therefore can control where I am in the dream, but have little effect on my 'surroundings'. Maybe this is a habit collected from our waking life or something deeper, but even being told that's a dream as well doesn't mean I can instantly start walking through walls (another instant ability gained in dreams, like the Matrix film). Feelings remain in all states of consciousness, peace (the stillness behind all feelings) is supposedly superior to all the others, as they are states of active energy and peace is the absence of such energy.

To paraphrase Nick Roach, once we become weary of the constant stream of emotional energy, of both polarities (as our need for emotions goes by strength rather than quality) the path towards peace and stillness becomes desired. Any teaching practised enough should get us somewhere on the route, if not all the way.

Now though enlightenment is, like God (who doesn't go on TV or in the sky for all to see), something you can only experience inside so can't prove to others, the fact Nick Roach, Tony Parsons, Satyam Nadeen, Ramana Maharshi, Yogananda and gurus past and present all say their state of consciousness since enlightenment is so superior to before that they clearly share something genuine. So that inspiration is all I have to aim higher myself, and not dismiss the possibility of higher consciousness just because no one can actually prove it or give it to me directly.

Just to relate it to now, today was free after a bit of work earlier, and though there's nothing dreadful ahead like last week, there's sod all of any nature. My 'egg' is, as you could put it, in the incubator. The progress is continuing, but it'll be a while before I'll have a chance to see if it's a good one. So in a way life is forcing me to abandon it by providing no hopes or interests in the present or near future so I don't get caught up in it again and veer off the path to enlightenment. I know they say only one in ten thousand people are interested in enlightenment, so few readers will follow my drift, but for those of us who are on that path it feels like an essential direction we have to take. It won't stop you enjoying life, but rather give a background peace and unattachment to all events in life, positive or negative (so I've been told). Beats what I've got now, for sure.

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