Sunday, April 24, 2005


I don't know if it was good or bad, but due to my server crashing, blogger ate my last post. It was mainly a moan, and I know I moan only too much here, so I saw it a little nudge to stop that track, and maybe my life will follow.
I was also theorising on the supernatural as per, but I reckon until I can actually show something concrete I may as well wait on any announcements.

OK, this may appear a moan, but I am trying to keep it down in future. I have been through a pretty typical (for me) phase in life of stress-reaction-recovery-repetition of stress. It started with the 4 dentist visits, then my grandma being moved from one hospital to the next, and a few extras in between. This sort of chaos is quite normal in life, but when little else is happening once even the chaos settles down I'm left with little else, as I described. I think I've got that lot out of my system now. What else?

I am now half way along the road with my current female interest, and the blind date was more or less a perfect example of what anyone could expect when two people are put together with the only two things in common being single and their rough ages. I don't think I've ever had one that was any better than that one, and there have been quite a few. They have included the rudest bitch I've ever come across, who spent the second half of the evening feeding back her judgements about me from the first half, telling me to shut up and be quiet as I was disturbing her neighbours in the next flats etc. Why was she still single at around 35 I wonder? Another, besides being a good few inches taller than me, was the nearest female equivalent to a Bruce Forsyth lookalike most people are likely to come across. A relatively reasonable woman from an ad spent most of the evening telling me about her brain tumour (not cancer)operation and how much she liked vanilla. Whether the brain problem led to her not remembering who I was when I called her again I'm not sure, but the chances of a successful blind date are probably in the thousands, with one friend of mine being the lucky one who married his.

So at the moment, after the few weeks of continual cack things to do, things have gone quiet. There's little to do ahead I can think of, of course it's the first major gardening season, so that'll get me off the computer for a few days next week, and my healing and therapy work has been going particularly well, which is satisfying to know it works, but I need to be given some similar benefits myself somehow. It's something I do for others quite naturally now, but though understanding counselling stops me falling into the similar traps my clients do, it doesn't make life interesting when it isn't. See, karma has to be fulfilled, I lost one moan and replaced it with another. I left out repeating the psychic bit as I explained. All I'll say is look up Hazel Courteney, who appears to be a rare example of David Icke's and Yogananda's mind-driven reality in practice. I've seen many claims before but few who didn't seem to be pushing their own ego behind it. As she was already a success she had everything to lose by 'going weird' as people would see it. As I am already all I need are the psychic powers to go with it and it'll make me highly marketable as well. But so far the only object I can make appear is when I pick my nose... (Sorry to leave you with that image, but gross is something I'm only too good at).

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