Thursday, April 14, 2005

A little bit of politics

Po. Oh I am so immature!

OK, the real post. Inspired by reading another blog on the upcoming general election, I have to say my enthusiasm for it started with the Tory promise to remove road humps within 2 years and ended when it was obvious they had as much chance of getting in as the Natural law party.

In reality, elections make less and less difference as the EU takes over more and more the running of this country, so the only party who could change this is the UK independence who would get us out straight away (and actually have some very sensible other policies now they need a manifesto), and if they get an MP I for one will be celebrating. Other than that, whoever else gets in is fairly irrelevant barring a miracle bringing the Tories in to remove the humps, which is the only policy they have besides intending to restrict immigration that I'm aware of approving of. I wasn't the least bit surprised to read one of the world's best journalists, Melanie Phillips, say the reason Tony Blair seems to have so little control over it is because secretly (god knows why) they think it's a good thing. Of course they have to have a few token sacrifices, normally a parent with a spouse and children who are allowed to stay but without the other parent, which really makes a lot of sense, in order to pretend they care, but I'm sure for every one that does leave (frequently to return in a later consignment of fruit and veg) many more take their places. No, I'm not basing it on racism (which is what every person criticising unrestricted immigration is called by Labour), but simply the fact there are ten or so safe countries between the UK and any with refugees. We have a quota to accept along with everyone else, but as most believe living on some of the worst council estates in areas with possibly higher crime rates than the ones they left is superior to staying in France, Spain, Italy or wherever else they travelled through on their long ways here we tend to be the main attraction.

I didn't intend to go on about that quite so much, but as an election's coming, if I don't now I never will. But my main point is that the only people who can tell me what to do are Ken Livingstone for most of my everyday life, and the EU, who are actually the authors of most of the major reforms most people put down to Uncle Tone the saint (my arse). Half the EU ignores the directives but obedient servants we are, we always play fair and follow them to the colon (I just liked that word). What the hell would they do if (like the French and Italians) we took no notice of the continual flood of Byzantine regulations, and didn't for instance sell oranges in kilos or keep our staff working seventy hour weeks? Probably sit in the various committees in Brussels and Strasbourg and write unpleasant notes to the government telling them to behave. They're not (or maybe they will?) going to bomb us for Christ's sake! Unfortunately the only thing this government can (for now...) do is choose the budget, which means only the people on a few remote islands who don't actually need to drive are paying more than us for petrol. Give most people enough power and they'll use it to shit on you. Thanks Gordon (our lovely chancellor) for not putting the petrol tax up in the last year so we're only paying four pounds a fucking gallon!.
Every man woman and child in this country who uses transport or buys goods should be eternally grateful to you for milking this inflexible commodity so much if it had teats they'd need bandages by now. It must be the cruellest policy since the ill-fated window tax, where you can still see some old houses with bricked up windows as (Mrs Thatcher is still platzing she didn't think of it first) they actually charged people for light! Trust me, as soon as they find a way we'll have little gasmasks that measure all the air we breathe. Yoga will become the biggest thing in the country as people queue up to learn how to hold their breath for ten minutes to save a bit more money. Well, they taxed light, why not air next?

One very depressing prediction: Get the European constitution through (how they can against public opinion will just demonstrate a formidable sleight of hand, but I suspect they will eventually) they'll 'harmonise' cars. So guess what that'll mean, yes, we'll be driving on the right next. I hope I'm wrong here, but as soon as we go over to kilometres there'll be little to stop the final shift to total Euroisation. Oh, and then the language...

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