Thursday, April 28, 2005

Today's random thoughts

As I was here relatively early today and had a bit of time before Neighbours on TV, the urge came over me to relate the random collection of trivial events from the last few days, and see if anyone else can have such boring phases as well...

I found a little group of local Jewish bloggers on the London link, and also discovered it doesn't pop up the same people each time, far from it. Every time you click it gives you a different selection until after a few goes it gets back to the beginning. Therefore there have been a good number of local bloggers I was unaware of till now. Anyway, I posted a few comments there but had no reply, so on that front we were just ships passing in the night. Also my blog has indicated 80 posts since it reached 80, and every new one, though kept, hasn't been added to the number. I can't really be bothered to complain, after my 'delete comments' complaint received a 'We've checked and it's fine' response. In fact I had to reload the page, and by about the 8th try the little dustbins finally came up. It's called lazy software and it's not the first time I've seen it happen in a program.

Well that's my blogging experiences, the hospital visits continue, and yesterday after being told grandma would be home this week, I still felt pretty dead inside, I originally wondered if the effects had just taken some time to wear off, but my psychic powers have been improving as I then got a call to say it was wrong and she'd be there for some time. My feeling had apparently corresponded not with what I'd been told, but the actual reality I heard a number of hours later. Some times I can correct a crossword that's been abandoned by finding it couldn't be finished as a word or two were wrong, and this was the same phenomenon, but using clairvoyance. When the hell will there be some good news for me to pick up clairvoyantly?

Progress in other areas is either slow or stopped. When I say stopped basically apart from a woman I mentioned and the TV appearance way ahead there are no 'other areas' at the moment. Jobs have to be done as normal like my work and the garden (which hasn't started yet after 2 days of solid rain). Today I just didn't bother. My best hope would be that all the work I have put in on spiritual development over the last 15 years is building up like a charge in a battery, and like with some of my clients and healing patients, where there's a blockage sometimes the repeated treatments or practices need to build up such a pressure before the blockage will go. In effect, if this does happen it seems like a miracle as all people see is a sudden change from bad to good. But in reality many applications of energy were required to silently build up inside before the dam finally broke.
In my case, I have been using Nick Roach's methods to try and dissolve my own reactions to the current stress, but so far they remain intact (partly because there's been no end to them outside yet). If the universe can do 50% of the work as well as individuals, it would be wonderful for someone or something to rescue me for a bloody change instead of time being the only saviour. A person can only take so much before they slip into total cynicism, and though my clients can be dug out of most situations by me, I can't do this on myself, no counsellors can. I blog instead and spread my despair far and wide. Sorry about that, but a problem shared etc...

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