Monday, April 04, 2005

Nick Roach visit

After seeing a Nick Roach lecture on enlightenment in October I was so impressed (see blog for details late 10/03) I called the radio to try and get him a spot on a show. That led to a caller booking him for a regular series of workshops near me, and I went to the first one today (well, most of it...). It was amazing to finally meet him after helping him out with some publicity online after 6 months, and we got on really well.
I learnt a lot more about both his life, experiences and teachings, and thanks to a question asked I can add some of his ideas on the supernatural.

Basically, if you view life as a dream and we are all that's in it, it all makes sense. And of course, writing it here is superfluous, as there's no one else to read it! Anyway, I'll do what's taught generally and work within the dream for now (as there's little else I can do) and explain. In a dream everything's possible, so if we want to change the laws of science we just decide to. Those who claim to do just this, yogis and Uri Geller for example would have somehow retrained their mind to accept the world is actually projected by them, so why not fiddle with it a bit. Clairvoyance (as agreed by David Icke, which I also read yesterday, by a typical coincidence) makes sense as well as we just stretch our knowledge to areas beyond our illusory separate body to the rest of the dream we're creating. And finally this explains my scriptwriter theory as coincidences would happen if we are somehow behind writing this script. I'd like to believe there's a bit more than just me here, and Nick and David Icke both experienced voices/beings from beyond guiding them, which points to the situation that though within the dream it's just my world, though we can't know anything that's outside, maybe these beings can break into our dream at special times (as in angels) to give us some guidance. Don't tell me at last life's beginning to fit together?!

My choices to change the dream are now as follows: As I've experienced some fantastic dreams in my life then why shouldn't I introduce some more elements from the dreams into my life? I've met people who felt like angels, and met their counterparts in real life as well. I've seen some similar places to the amazing ones in my dreams and a friend who has clearly been there as well. One was even seen as a location in the future on the river Thames where some years later the very same buildings I saw were planned for that spot by Sir norman Foster, the architect, advertised and then withdrawn. That's the only time my dream has almost altered real life, though that was by chance, not by choice. Of course I have my egg I'd like to hatch and run its course whether short or long term, whatever's right, but the relationship will occur. There's another person I'd like before that (a former ambition) so I have that under my belt as well (well I am a man, and single so why the hell not?). I don't want these two women to overlap of course, as I may be a man but I've never been a bastard!
Apart from those short-term and general choices, there must be many rough edges in my life, many of which are unnecessary and could be smoothed, from things in my house to people I know and don't see much of any more, plus to remove a couple from being around, as some do end up, as the phrase says, like stinking fish after hanging around too long, and I'm too afraid of conflict usually to send them on their ways tidily, and just end up hiding and dropping little hints that aren't ever picked up. I'd also extend and increase my own psychic powers a few levels (I do have some basics already), and finally (for now) get someone to publish my writing in a major publication, and then maybe a book. Oh, and getting married (no idea who to yet) would be nice...


Anonymous said...

I seem to recall in one of your earlier blog posts, that you had already "bumped" into Roach at a local store? Was that the truth or was it a lie?

Remember when you said that he gave you permission to post his teachings? Again is that true? or is that a lie?

So if you already met him, and received permission from him to post his teachings, then how is that you only "first" met him at your enlightenment class?

Well, which is it?

David said...

This posting is weird, one of us appears paranoid and it's not me.

If you think I said I 'bumped into Nick Roach at a local store' please copy and paste it into your reply, as it's news to me.

Why the fuck would I say I'd got permission from him when I hadn't? Do you have some sort of campaign against me, because I can tell you now, it's not me that has the problem.

Anonymous said...

My high is a possible first for FT- I wrote about an enlightenment teacher called Nick Roach I saw on the religion board, and he just emailed me to say he'd read it!
I said to my father after I saw him that I understood him so well that though I'm not enlightened I could help him with the teaching as I could present it the same way he does. Well guess what, Nick said he'd send me emails to post for him plus I can add my own ideas if I want. The next part is I recommended him to a radio show who has similar guests and the next day they called him! If they use him I'll be so pleased something I did actually worked, and who knows, I may be able to watch him there if I'm very lucky.

Look familiar? Notice how in the top part you say you received an email, then in the next paragraph you tell your father that when you saw Roach, that although you understand Roach so well, but are not enlightened you could help him with his teaching?

Remember those words that were typed by you? Or maybe you are too paranoid to admit it, because heaven forbid that your dear lovely follwers of your blog finally realise that you are totally full of it.

Oh, and what I quoted by you was typed by you on 31 December 2004.

How's that for throwing your own words back at you, uh?

P.S. This is not who you think it is, but it someone that knows you are full of shit.

P.P.S. And if you have any spinal cord at all, you won't delete this, because if you do, then I know that you are truly whacked and want to deceive the ones that read your blog. Obviously, you forget what you post and where...and you are the same one that prints out every single one of your posts right? So, how could you have forgotten the words in bold above?


David said...

Fair enough, I won't delete you as you do a better job of looking mentally ill by leaving it there than anything else I could do as well.

I didn't actually meet Nick in October by speaking to him, I was just an anonymous face in his audience. I meant 'met' this time as I spoke to him face to face. As if that's important to you?

When I said cut and paste, I actually meant the bit about 'bumping into him in a store'. Where did you get that from? Well, if it's not person one posting it must be related, if you get my drift. No one else I know has such a unique style. Personal insults aren't allowed in FT but they're fine on other people's blogs, where you have no real status to diss the writer, and if you don't like it why bother reading it and then spraying manure about it? A real tough guy/gal would face the writer in person, not make an issue in public. That shows a total lack of decency and guts. If you want an argument, I'll play along, but try and base it on something both relevant and accurate, not something you know apparently not enough about to comment on. Why not ask Nick himself if you're so concerned about it, though to be honest I wouldn't want him disturbed by someone out to get him. By the way, in five years I've never insulted anyone I've met online, least of all in public. Partly as until you (whoever the hell you are as if I actually care...) came along I'd never met anyone that ignorant. But I still wouldn't stoop to that level.

David said...

By the way, if you'd read this
you could see everything again, but written by Nick as well as me. Knowing where to look before you accuse would help.

David said...

And I only print out a few important posts, not every one. It shows you're not paying any attention to detail, especially when it doesn't support your campaign.

Anonymous said...

David, you can twist the words around all you want, but if I remember correctly it is you, and not me that was certified by your mum as more than, shall we say, a bit unstable.

The only thing you did by posting back to back after my last post is to prove that you are obsessed with being right, even when you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

And yes, I do know as from where I speak, remember I may not have been er um previlaged to your private conversations, but I had you called from day dot.

You should try listening to a specific country and western song by Toby Keith entitled "I Wanna Talk About Me", because that is all you ever do.

And I love to look at your blog as I always, and I repeat always catch you in lie after lie.