Saturday, May 14, 2005


Following the announcement of the British opt-out from the maximum 48 hour working week being one step closer to abolition, I was horrified to hear the majority of callers to the radio complain about it. Of course, you think, these are employers angry about not being able to continue to treat their staff in Dickensian ways, revived under Margaret Thatcher's influence (who I admit I did vote for at the time, she wasn't all bad). But no, it was the staff!

Go back a few thousand years to Egypt. The Jews, enslaved by Pharoah are to be rescued after many years by Moses, but no, their leaders say, we have worked long and hard to gain these conditions under pharaoh. We earn enough salt and rice to survive to at least the age of 30, and if Moses liberates us we may die of inactivity!

Thank goodness that was a dream... but no, it wasn't! The modern day slaves are actually voting for slavery! Originally I thought it was one or two cranks who weren't well, until after a week of discussions it turned out the research the Russians and hypnotists had done was wrong. People can be brainwashed!

The basic thrust was they believed they needed to work inhuman hours as they wouldn't survive otherwise. Clearly no idea of economics, or common sense. With the working time directive we also had a minimum wage we didn't opt of. So it IS possible to work a basic week without starving. Amazing, isn't it!
What, you ask? House prices? Who decides them? The twats who are working long hours mainly, that's who! Not the government or the estate agents or Europe, the home owners themselves. So if wages do drop slightly as the employers are forced to take on a few more staff everyone will be affected and prices will drop. Simple economics. Anyway, I think to 99% of the people I'm stating the obvious. Some may even say these apparent idiots are planted to fulfil a campaign by the employers themselves, but I doubt that would get very far. So the only conclusion is these people have been gradually brainwashed to believe they have to work long hours or starve.

I personally fear Europe's power over us, but of course any monster has to come up with good ideas as well and this just happened to be one of them. The continentals work on average far less than 48 hours a week, and guess what, they survive. If wages drop, so will prices. Ask any 14 year old doing GCSE economics. Market forces, and under socialism many of the lowest paid would be subsidised as well. No problem, no poverty. These people have really worried me severely, as it shows the intelligence and sanity of the masses is far lower than I thought. Maybe they actually need a massive nanny state to stop them falling over a cliff. Sad, isn't it.


Anonymous said...

It seems as though someone has way, way, way too much time on his hands!

Give a life, mate!

Anonymous said...

David, you should be in show business, since you are always playing the part of a person who bypassed the brains department and someone who is four cans shy of a six pack.

I hear Hollywood is looking for a fifth stooge!

Anonymous said...

David, I hear the Queen is looking for a new court jester. Why don't you apply for the position?

Anonymous said...

David, after reading your blog, my diagnosis is a lobotomy. Oh, wait! In order for you to have a lobotomy, you need to have a brain!

David said...

Oh how I enjoy an intelligent debate!

Whatever your comments, you still seem unable to miss reading whatever I write, so something's still working. Unfortunately it'll never include your sense of humour, I'm already holding a funeral for that...

Anonymous said...

First off, I think you have the wrong person. This is not the same person who typed the other replies which you deemed fit to show off on your blog.

Second, did you already know how to spell the word intelligent? Or did you have to look it up?

You wouldn't know a good debate if it jumped up and bit you in the ass, because if that were the case, you would take your cornball act on the road and not sit behind your computer and tell everyone what you believe the meaning of life is.

In case you are wondering, the meaning of life is to admit that you are a shmuck. I mean really, David, you are so full of yourself that you cannot even admit it!

It upsets you when someone says you are average looking? Well, what the hell are they supposed to do? Lie to you? And tell you are Sean Connery handsome, when, if they did that, they WOULD be Lying!

What is it with you? Do you HONESTLY look at yourself in the mirror? Or is the mirror covered with a sheet? You are not the most gorgeous man to walk the face of the planet. In fact, you are lucky that a female would even speak with you.

And when one does, you immediately think that you are better than she. Well, let me tell you something, you are the last person who should be criticising someone; when you, yourself have too many faults to even begin to list!


P.S. Next time, you think that someone is someone else, be sure you are correct. Otherwise, take a freakin' flying leap!

David said...

Where on earth did I refer to who you were? Despite your style being so distictive I did know, I never referred to it just now. If you have nothing better to do than mount a campaign against someone you know little about and who cares even less, fine, but that makes you the sad one.
I've read all sorts of shit people write but I have manners and don't waste my effort telling them, let alone in public.

You are clearly a sad bitch and I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, it seems as though someone forgot to take his Happy Pills!

Are your meds strong enough, David? Perhaps you need stronger medication to fight off your delusions of grandeur.