Thursday, May 19, 2005

Free association

As I had quite a busy day but with little that makes entertaining viewing but there's nothing on TV I'll go back to Freudian ideas and use his original form of therapy, free association.

Though I hate to even give them the oxygen of acknowledgement (to paraphrase Mrs Thatcher yet again...) there are a few bad apples out there that really spoil the internet. Why are blogs here? It's probably the most open form of free speech ever available worldwide. So some shitheads come along and do what Russia used to and try and ruin it. It's literally like coming home to find the cat's crapped on the carpet and have to clear it up before I can do anything else. Very satisfying, I don't think. Whatever people think of my blogs (and I do get a few complimentary emails as well), turning a private website into a public forum for insults says far more about the sickness of the commenter than the poster. I think that just about covers it, and if anyone else has an opinion don't save it for Christmas, let everyone see it here.

Back to normal life, I think it's time I summed up my philosophy more basically than usual. Behind the details, I don't take anything too seriously and believe in hedonism. That's not to say I don't take anything seriously, I just save it for things that threaten our pleasure such as illness and injury, and leave the rest for the pedants and miseries to worry about. But that's not 'too' seriously, as I said, just as seriously as it warrants.
But being a hedonist, anyone who tries to threaten these freedoms I do take seriously, as my life is short and I don't want restrictions placed on it to force me not to do certain things, is a pain in the arse.
Therefore I am also of the opinion that laws should protect life and property. Morals are for the people to choose and apply as they wish. Though many top academics agree with me, 99% of the population are not academics and vote for tougher laws on everything, so people who are mainly interested in power, ie most of our MPs, could never advocate liberaling prostitution, for example, as the masses would never vote them in. I won't get any deeper into the politics as bookshops have been written already on this stuff and nothing I add could be original. But I just wanted to summarise what drives my enthusiasm for complaining.

Secondly, whether it exists or not, I am aiming to leave the three dimensional physical world to a flexible one of many dimensions. The serious lack of evidence for this as I write is only an incentive to look harder, and since I have I can only say from personal experience a few absolute truths:

1) If you meditate (and are lucky with it) you will reach highs you'll never know of otherwise. Our consciousness is far more open to expansion than most people will ever know.

2) Physically, sexual excitement is relatively local. Try a bit of tantric meditation (alone and using breath not hands) and if you break through, this feeling is liberated throughout the body and can easily last for hours. Again, few people realise this and even fewer have experienced it.

3) Once you learn how, everything is surrounded by visible energy. I've only seen it a few times, but once you've seen it you know if you can keep it up most of the time, you'll always see it. Each form has its own, people tend to have more the traditional coloured auras, but at night trees give off a white vibration more of a crystalline nature. And places where people have sat give off a white smoke from their energy left behind.

Because these three senses were opened up to me I know however hard it is, that at least is open to me, and that has to be the tip of the iceberg. Even opening up these abilities at will and for longer durations would drastically improve the quality of my life, and anything else that may happen next will be even better.

So small minded cretins whose rare pleasure is dissing other people they just don't and can't ever understand is a small fleabite compared to the real stuff of life, and only necessary as a sign of a flawed character. If I was enlightened I wouldn't even respond to any of it, but as that particular state of being remains a theory, I can only follow my lower instinct and rise to the bait just a little. If I attract more as a result, big fucking deal, I really couldn't care any more.

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