Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A little bit more politics

Having just heard Melanie Phillips, the world's most sensible journalist, had a blog (no comment boxes though), and since I'd already quoted her in an earlier post about the election I sent her a link to it. I hope she likes it.
Inspired by what I read there it made me think. Somehow the incredible love affair our Labour politicians have with third-world causes is exposed by her for what it is, a peculiar wish to redesign British social structure to something like the mean streets of Teheran. Why, I cannot tell you. It's not a logical or direct reason, far from it. Long-distance remote influences are at work that have to go way behind the surface policy makers in government to the oil and weapons industries who contribute to keeping them in power. By placating and serving the interests of third world refugees, economic migrants and possibly even potential terrorists working from British locations, it not only diverts resources away from our poor and lower paid workers, but sets ethnic groups against ethnic groups, possibly preparing a much worse repeat of the Brixton riots with Muslims. They have already demonstrated in London outside the US embassy, technically breaking the law by inciting violent crime, but were overlooked by the police under orders not to touch them.

This is a clear sign these groups are part of a plan I have no concept of besides dividing the country into warring factions by deliberately favouring many people whose aims are to destroy society as we know it (for instance by trying to bring in sharia law, not that they ever will, but will make many enemies in saying so). They'll never be allowed to carry out these wishes, but by being allowed to freely express them (with a few token exceptions, ie Abu Hamza) they know they'll set the average Brit against them, along with diverting council money to house and provide economic migrants with transport, while waiting for a decision to stay or go (which will usually be ignored with little or no consequence should it be in the negative). Any schoolkid would know policies such as these would divide society against those waiting years for housing who now have to wait even longer, and those including many West Indians and Asians who came here some decades ago and never took a day's benefit but worked for their right to live here. Before the war, the few refugees then selectively allowed in were looked after by friends and family until they started earning themselves. Now, because there actually isn't enough to go round as it is (this is from the Chancellor's figures, which is why the new government will be cutting benefits and pensions better than any Tory one has in the past) you can't give everyone what they need. If this money was given to everyone equally, then it would be great that new comers to the country also got it. Unfortunately, in order to provide it for them now it has to be found by taking it away from others. I work with many ethnic centres here as a consultant to staff, and it's no secret some of the clients they work with all breathed a sigh of relief when Labour were re-elected, as they are so soft with immigrants. They know when they're being looked after, so rather than take the word of a native like me, ask someone who's in the system and openly taking it while the door is fully open for all it's offering. And who wouldn't?

So, the bottom line is, there's not enough money to go round, not enough space or infrastructure to support an increase in population (look at John Prescott's plans for hundreds of thousands of new houses), and the queues for public services such as council offices, medical treatment and job centres are now stretched to an almost infinite level, as the staff of the very places they are queuing in is probably being cut at a similar rate to the increase in arrivals. OK, someone in Balamory or Penzance won't be quite sure what I'm talking about, so far at least. But if anyone wants to take a nice day trip to Wembley and visit Brent Council offices, then take a look in the local medical centre, having taken in the delights of the High Road and Lidl will be able to feel the atmosphere I'm talking about directly. If there was enough money to go round for all, and wide open spaces (like in France, or better still Australia and America who's immigration policies would be like trying to break into a safe in comparison), I wouldn't be writing this at all. But what would be the reason a government, knowing this is exactly how most people (except the very wankers that voted for both them and Ken Livingstone again in London and push their views in the media and council chambers up and down the country) would feel, deliberately social engineer urban Britain into a chaotic war zone of assorted factions, encouraging scum like the BNP to justify their real racist views, normal middle class people to start complaining about the same things I am, and eventually put more and more of a strain on already bursting cities until they crack.

Everyone who cares to look will have a job to deny this, as all I do is collect pieces of data from official sources and personal observations, and to return to my original point, use my freedom to write here as one more way to remind people there's something very strange going on behind the scenes, at the moment it's not bad enough for anyone except in the affected areas to notice, but as it's due to a deliberate government plan, it can only continue to grow in the next four years. No one's able to do a bloody thing about it now, they're back and I can see populations rising, faceless housing estates spreading across the south of England, all transport charges increasing to possibly double (include public transport here, remember it's free market now and there to make a profit, not an economical trip), freedom of speech restricted relating to any religion, race or disability, existing technology used more and more to track all citizens (again, no idea what for), and race riots we've never seen the equal of before. The council tax revaluations are an excuse to raise everyone's taxes in one go, which is because the government save millions making councils raise tax directly instead of government grants. Pensions will be all but gone for all but the poorest, benefits will become harder to obtain, taxes will continue to rise as will house prices, eventually creating an economic crisis once the threshold is crossed when most people won't be able to repay their mortgage, and presumably once enough firms relocate their offices abroad or go bust like Rover did, unemployment will finally rise (oh, sorry, it never fell, people were just shifted to income support and incapacity benefit which isn't included, plus many more students), and what amazes me the most is this is all so predictable and planned. The existing policies can't go anywhere else.

How does this affect me? Well, as I've said, if I ever have to queue for any public service office, that's a lot more wasted time than before, which all adds up. It now takes me twice as long to travel anywhere in London compared to 15 years ago, on average. Petrol is now a much higher proportion of my weekly spending than it was before Labour got in. I no longer drive in central London as I'm not paying again to use roads I've paid for in road tax and petrol tax already. I am seeing people brainwashed by government spin who constantly try to justify every policy I've been picking apart as if anyone who disagrees with it must be a fascist. If someone repeats a lie often enough it'll never be the truth. But if enough people believe it, they'll keep supporting the people who are telling them. That's why I'm here doing this, not many people dare to in public (though they're all happy to with people they trust), so some poor bugger has to get shot down for doing so, and I'm one of them. I'm watching London fall apart in front of my eyes, not through poverty or neglect, but choice, and if I say nothing all I'm doing is being silenced. I don't care if one person agrees with a word I've said, but I'll challenge anyone to find many holes in it.

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