Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Conversations with myself

Having read about nine of the Converstions with God books by Neale Donald Walsch, I do wonder whether it's just a rare talent to generate a second personality one can have a conversation with, or there are higher beings a few lucky individuals can communicate with. The reason I raised this is because the best way to write anything tonight would be to let another entity write it through me, as if it's just me all you're going to get is more of the same, more or less.

There's an open invitation to God or anyone else to take over, until that happens I'll relate a summary of the last few days after the 'Day trip to Bromley' (as in Bangor). Not much has changed, I remember for years I kept a list of starts I'd made on projects to see how many actually happened. In fact about half did, though many were so trivial it didn't really reflect the weighting of individual items (I'm not that desperate to keep records). Anyway, I realised recently I haven't even got one of those any more. Nothing ahead is related to anything I've started now, and as I said already, technically (apart from film in the can from my TV job) nothing need ever happen.

Relating this to the 'bigger picture' I'm currently reading about, there are only two possibilities. Despite almost regimented coincidences everything is random and whether we're good or bad it makes no difference. Whatever happens is purely the combination of our own efforts and everyone elses' decisions. Otherwise it is a multidimensional thought field, where all is connected, and many life forms exist above frequencies we're usually aware of, and from time to time they choose someone to watch and give them a few presents (why some get this treatment over others I can't tell). For example (if even that exists) out of all the people on the enlightenment circuit, a few who reached it did so purely by many years of hard work and effort. But just as many others, such as Hazel Courteney and Tim Freke, who both wrote books about it were just enlightened temporarily by the grace of the angels. Totally arbitrary choice, to my view.
I can't help communicating, just as I spread the word of Nick Roach once I found my personal teacher, if I was to reach a higher state even if I didn't choose to communicate it to other students I know it would always happen. That brings me to my next point. The apparent masters who have not only achieved enlightenment, but also the powers over matter that go with it have been reduced in the west to one person who shows them in public (and not even enlightened), ie Uri Geller. He, to be fair, spent ages in laboratories being tested (the results were incredibly vague though, from what they released), Sai Baba in India who even Nick Roach has his doubts about, after pointing me to a site which apparently shows him cheating in his materialisations.
I also saw a 'minor magician', the healer Geoff Boltwood. Though he says it isn't his mission to secrete scented oil from his hands and if it happens during a lecture it's a bonus, I think he rarely fails to do so. Just like Uri Geller now says he's gone beyond bending spoons yet has to do it in every performance anyway. To get to my point, if I had these powers (unless my teacher swore me to secrecy, as many do) I couldn't help walking into my local shops or community centre and make objects fall from the ceiling. I just couldn't help showing off. Believe me, if I did this twice (to prove it wasn't an accident) every newspaper in the country would be sending reporters to Kingsbury, and if I was a true adept as they claim, I shouldn't have any trouble repeating my abilities. But in reality, though books are full of these stories, the news is totally devoid of them. That's a discrepancy any lawyer or logician would tell you could only lead to one conclusion. It doesn't happen. Due to human nature few people could avoid demonstrating their powers in public, and the TV news would have them at it all over the networks. James Randi would have to part with his million dollars, and science would have to be totally rewritten.

To conclude, I will say that despite physical powers being either the rare random event which can't be controlled or claimed by many and demonstrated by few, our five senses can be extended. I can't prove this, as I can't prove enlightenment, but as I have done this a few times I can verify it is real. But powers over the physical, I may be waiting a long time if I ever see them.

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goldenlight said...

Hi there. A belated comment on your posting re Geoff Boltwood, which i have just seen: spiritual power is not the same as magic. Anyone can learn to do magic though obviously some will be more gifted at it than others. Geoff Boltwood, however, is a truly gifted ans spiritually powerful healer, and the oil is simply a physical manifestation of the healing energy coming through. It is not "power over matter" so much as "power becoming matter".