Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Negative and positive

From the title above, I've noticed a blog can sometimes act like a mirror into the soul of the writer, and realised I'd slipped into an awful downer, seeing life from a view of somewhere north of hell, which is a place I hadn't operated from since picking myself out of it as a teenager. I know how I got there, and can also see it's catching in susceptible people, so will now see how long I can last not seeing life as a disease to be cured but as somewhere which still has the potential it used to for me until I slipped back into that frame of mind.

Anyway, since last time there's precious little to report, that's not being negative, just accurate. I got my golf clubs out again for the first time in a few years (mainly due to flooding from the continually rainy periods we've had for ages), many courses don't recover quickly and remain like swamps for a few days, by which time it had usually started raining all over again. The last time I had to borrow someone's clothes on the way home as I looked like I'd fallen in a river. I'd recently found a practice green so I could actually try my chip shots over and over again (with my father's expert tuition) until I could both chip nicely onto the green and out of the sand. I should return for a full 9 holes soon if the dry weather lasts long enough.

On the positive, I am pretty free at the moment, and able to do more or less anything I want without obligations on my time, which despite a limited repertoire of opportunities (why do you think I write here so much) is far better than the opposite situation. Another aspect of this is because I have literally nothing ahead of me (I always did in reality, but as I've got no official plans it's now clearly apparent) I'm far more able to stay present in the moment and not let my attention wastefully drift into the future. Circumstances have been created that are ideal to ignore the future and I'm putting more and more of my attention into the present. This means my limited total attention is now far stronger and focussed and not dissipated into daydreams about how tomorrow may turn out.

I have also read a pile of books on the unified field of consciousness and enlightenment (two aspects of the same thing) which indicate mainstream authors and researchers are moving way ahead with their understanding and discovery of what's behind the supernatural. If this reached a logical ending as a result, all my own work as a researcher would be over as a unified field of consciousness would be a demonstrable fact that we could all easily access and become aware of, which would technically raise our consciousness to a level of creator, and make it impossible to lie as anyone could discover the truth about anything instantly just by tuning in to the answer. We can't yet wake from the dream as living human beings, but by discovering the nature of it and how to allow it to unfold consciously instead of being a helpless witness we'd all be able to enjoy it to the full. Religions who speak of heaven are actually referring to this, which some believe will only be available to the worthy after death, but would actually be a fulfillment of the true potential of what we call physical life.

Hopefully the progress of the existing research will continue far enough in the same direction to finally break through the limits of physical matter into the realms behind it, where literally anything is possible. All hallucinogenic drugs will instantly become obsolete when people are able to travel out of body at will, communicate by telepathy and probably discover any fact they wish to know by asking the consciousness field the answer. If this sounds crazy, just watch the current leading researchers until one of them gets their ideas onto the mainstream TV. They are beginning to confirm ideas I've been putting together gradually piece by piece for 15 or so years. So far no one's been able to stand up and demonstrate any of these abilities, which is why it remains in the shadows of new age literature and websites, but the plus side is they are now finding logical causes for these abilities, and if they find ways to allow people to access these abilities it'll be pretty easy for anyone to try it out themself.

I just discovered my great hero Melanie Phillips the straight-talking journalist has a blog, which inspired me to write the incredibly right-wing sounding post that follows. But pull it apart into its individual elements and all I'm saying is certain elements are being deliberately introduced to cause problems and I'd be interested to know why. If anyone doesn't see any of the things as problems, fine, but as it's coming out of my time and taking more of my money it's sure a problem for me. And as anyone pays transport and housing bills whether public or private, you're all paying more, and everyone has to have medical treatment sooner or later you're all losing more of your time waiting in queues. So how can that not be a problem?

Anyway, that's where I was coming from there, before I get another slew of hate mail (how I love freedom of speech, as in being able to have it you also have to be open to receive it as well).

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