Monday, May 02, 2005

Not all bad news

Just to show life in my world isn't all pony and trap (crap to the non-British readers) I've actually done a hell of a lot today.

First I had to deliver two sacks of surplus train tickets to Bromley, I got a nice number plate photo on the way, there was no traffic in either direction, and I was given a box of tickets with maybe hundreds of new stations on them. I then discovered on my return to the gym that one of my healings last week had had pretty amazing results (it only took me 5 minutes), and then someone finally arrived with table tennis equipment (I only knew there was a table a few months ago) and played my first games for a couple of years (I didn't win, but played OK considering and it was close).

Finally I think one of the lost episodes of Star Trek Enterprise was repeated (hard to tell but seems to follow one I missed earlier), so basically sooner or later all the blockages do come unstuck and things do still seem to be happening in bunches.

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