Thursday, May 19, 2005

One more

No, not one more post, though that is true as well, but one more enlightened teacher from the UK who teaches in plain English with no frilly extra bits added either.

My observation is that there is the long awaited awakening new agers have predicted since the hippies in the 60s. My original masters were Maharaji, who had to bring his own methods to the west uniquely from India in 1971 at the age of 14 (though Charananand, who assessed us 27 years later was actually sent ahead a year earlier to teach on his behalf, despite not yet knowing a word of English). My second (as a form of insurance) was the long-since dead Yogananda, who took a similar journey some thirty years earlier. I still follow Maharaji as it works, but was introduced to advaita soon afterwards and encouraged to see the rag-tag bunch of mainly worldwide teachers teaching bits of the picture in flowery or obscure ways. Tony Parsons and Douglas Harding were the main two Brits, having seen Tony a couple of times I could see he already had cut through most of the crap the others were still putting in their teaching, and he duly criticised many of them for doing so.

Then suddenly in the new millenium, one by one local men in their 30s or so are popping up with superior advaita (my label, they don't use one) and more or less saying the same thing in the same way. First Nick Roach, who I've already written extensively about, and now someone I always believed to be an academic writer, Timothy Freke. I just did as he recommended and read his new book 'Lucid living' in one go, his 'less than an hour' turned out to be closer to 15 minutes, but it summed up the classical view of what is called by masters 'the truth', and I am now predicting masters of this calibre will be arriving at an exponential rate.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, the latest book by Hazel Courteney, 'Evidence for the sixth sense' presents David Icke's view of a man/God made projected universe (as Timothy Freke does) but with professorial research that has found matter follows mind. This means we create our own world through choice, either subconsciously as we normally do, or consciously, as masters do. OK, we're always in a dream, but we may as well become aware of it, enjoy it, and if we can, piss around with it and have some fun. But the 'Unified theory' covering all science, natural and currently supernatural, and supported by quantum experiments appears to be almost here, the best work I've found is Dr Fred Travis who appears to have proved enlightenment scientifically.

I personally plan to levitate, disappear, see every dimension around me including the entities who live there and communicate with them, walk through walls, and that's just on Monday. Tony Parsons says everything's perfect just as it is, as many enlightened teachers also say, but I have far more of an adventurous wish, and maybe I'll part the English Channel on Tuesday. Meanwhile I'll just write on the computer as bloody usual...

Maharaji, early 70s Posted by Hello

Charananand is sitting to his right, taken in London soon after his arrival in the country.


Anonymous said...

Since you said "I personally plan to levitate, disappear" why don't you do everyone a favor and really disappear. That would benefit mankind.

Stef said...

Mmmmm, not impressed by that previous comment. An attempt at humour perhaps? There again, the spelling of the word favor suggests that it was either written by an American or an illiterate dickhead. But, there again, most Americans I know don't do sarcasm very well. So, that kind of narrows it down a little doesn't it ...