Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dubious plate

Dubious plate Posted by Hello

They're all crooks dahn sarf London mate!

Well, by looking at this number plate, parked outside a dodgy dealer's on the A 232 in East Croydon one would be led to think such thoughts. Being off road it doesn't actually need a plate at all, as trade plates would be used for test drives, but in fact it all looks Japanese to me. Many times Japanese plates are translated to English carelessly, usually leaving out just the city code, but this appears to have gone a step further and left out the two letters between the 599 (large private vehicle, post 2001) and the index number at the end. There would be no reason for a dealer to invent a plate like this so I expect that's the true explanation. As I was parked on a double red line to get this, I didn't have time to get more than the website on the plate itself, www.intercrete.com , but like the plate, neither actually existed in reality, fancy that.

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