Thursday, May 26, 2005


Well, I'm still fairly free at the moment, the weather's temporarily good (according to the forecasts), and's down so I thought I'd come here and see what happened.

One bit of promising news is following my alien abduction hypnosis session (I still haven't mastered links, but it was early March 2005) which was filmed for Sky TV, they have now actually mocked up a model of the alien ship complete with little greys and filmed my subject in a local studio in a reconstruction of his abduction memory. This I can't wait to see. There are already a few celebrity abductees, such as Betty and Barney Hill, Linda Cortile and Betty Andreasson, and it looks like there's another in the making! I was also called by a producer for a new series looking at the effects of alleged abduction on people after the events, and I passed on a few names and details of my own findings. I don't think I'll be needed there for any actual filming, but who knows?

Otherwise I'm still living more 'in the moment', Big Brother starts tomorrow night so I'll be glued to that for the next ten weeks, with another trip to the end of series do outside the studio as the last two years. The garden is now clear after a final go with the strimmer and a blitz on foot high nettles and thistles, and I was finally able to have tea there for the first time this year. I have now got yet another 90 minute video to watch of people 'intersex' (like the first couple of programmes hadn't exhausted the complete subject already?)- I'll be fascinated to see if they can actually come up with a new angle on human beings who 'fall between the cracks', as musicians would put it. Maybe a graphic display of close-ups of the ambiguous sexual parts for over an hour? I expect that's what most people would find the most entertaining on such a topic, but it'll be the usual millisecond black and white shots of a vague furry appendage that could be growing in a garden for all we know, combined with alternate stories from the people and their families about their see-sawing decisions to appear male or female over the last thirty years, interspersed with experts with perfect genitalia, saying what a fascinating area it is to study (unless of course it happens to be your dick that looks like a little acorn with only one bollock).

Anyway, sadly entertainment in the 21st century has reverted to this, Big Brother and Bodger and Badger (thank goodness they're still making something I like from my past besides grange Hill, which has become a creepy monster since moving it to Liverpool). Well, as Funtrivia's down I won't be dwelling on the computer for the next hour and I'll go and watch my video. Luckily I won't be eating my meat and two veg while watching poor excuses for them.

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