Monday, October 26, 2009

Counting my hits

The clocks have now gone back, I've covered most of the map looking for old signs so now ready for dark afternoons with indoor jobs. The paperwork mounted up over the summer and am now ready for it. Nothing planned this week besides one booking so far, I will see, last week was the same and incredibly busy in the end so never know.
I have had to get yet another counter for here, but the good news is it's huge. The onld one stopped at 5 figures which was pretty useless, I had 8 on this but cut down to 7 for size and reality. I'll see how many I'm getting now and has the existing total and start date posted at the bottom of the page as before.

Another theme this week is the truth squeaking out. They've proved that the BBC supressed anti global warming data in 2006 as I guessed, the Labour government deliberately let almost anyone in the country from 2000 as I guessed, and we've just been hit with car taxes Hitler and Stalin would have shuddered at. The time of lying can only last so long as eventually the turds hiding under the chest of drawers in the corner of the room have to surface when you drop something nearby (personal experience). Our government has now been shown up as the lying cheating arseholes I always said they were, and while they bleat about Nick Griffin finally getting his say on the BBC (unlike people dissing global warming, odd that), the government actually engineered it that the BNP would be the only party speaking up against immigration. Who else are people meant to expect to represent their views? Not that I like them but I do know what they stand for, unlike the crooks we've got now.

I ploughed through enough work last week it was like a normal person and although deserve the break have pretty much run out of ideas. The paperwork may lead to my first published article so a good start, and another good opportunity for the guidance to show itself. My map is almost filled in showing I've looked at every likely spot for direction signs, and the rest are so rare I'd need months to cover the small roads just in case and still unlikely to get any new ones. Although I have a small set of warning/information signs none are perfect. I have a lovely HALT and T junction but no circle or triangle on top. I have a single triangle on top school sign (after missing a T junction and losing a roundabout) and five 5mph speed limits, including one with its circle still there. And finally I have a crossroads sign but it's a copy of the original so not 100% kosher, maybe not even 1% kosher. One decent triangle sign (not on the way to Peterborough though, the mind is willing but not the body) and the work is over. The research goes on and I know had I got one earlier wouldn't have made such an effort to get the others which are technically better as each direction is unique to one location. The others were universal and everyone's seen them before I take mine.

I was doing some of my spiritual work, and wondered if God claims to communicate with people how our leaders are the pits? There was an answer, that the sort of bastards choosing to bully the public don't generally have the open mind to hear the messages. The amount of stuff I get is increasing, whoever passes it on, and I only know it's not me as it's what I suspect but can't prove. When I do prove it later it only confirms what I'd worked out with little or no evidence. Some is logical but others have just been knowing as if I'd been told but hadn't. They seem like our own thoughts but the information is from outside our experience.
There is a level above my current one, of choosing where the guidance takes us. That's the highest level of adept, and one we only hear anecdotally. I don't say 'I want to meet a woman/ find a sign etc today/this week/month' and get it. In fact most things on my list not within my own ability to earn have been got at all.

Therefore the woman, and all the other highest level aims on my list are harder the less related to work they are, so an article or going on proper TV are likely as already on the career path, whereas women and signs are down to what's there already. I do seem to be able to divert the worst arrangements with years of practice, people still corral me into doing something I don't want to, and then they cancel it. That happens over 50% of the time, probably more, so a start. That's negative influence, if I can equally attract events I do want I'll have cracked it. I did make a list and so far fixed a long standing financial dispute and get the broken red triangle sign, then it seemed to fizzle out. I do enjoy the freedom not having to check the chat boards every day and deal with queries, but enjoyed it more doing it and never intended to stop had I not been forced out. I had getting that back on my list and that hasn't happened. I can do plenty of other things now but never wanted more than a break from that and now it's been imposed on me am ready to go back and ask for a break if I need one. The women around me go from bad to worse, and all my email enquiries are in another phase of being binned.

I will see in a few days how the counter is going, and another aspect of dark days is I can read more blogs and attract some more readers here as I used to. There's been no counter for a couple of months now so probably lost up to 1000 off the total but will see if the numbers creep up more than they did when the other was working.

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