Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The power of entropy?

On the technical side there's good news and bad news, the bad being the counter has stopped although it was removed from the page months ago, but kept working till last month. But at least my readers haven't all given up, I just don't know how many there are now. I tried to add a new counter but suspect blogger don't like them and wasn't accepted. If anyone can use one here let me know what and I'll start a new one.

Last week was chaotic and busy, but so far have averted all disasters although haven't had the damage to the car assessed yet. My friends who went abroad in 2002 are returning for the second time since, but only to get the visa to stay there, probably permanently. The seven years was not realistic as if you make it that long the roots have already gone too deep. Just the crumbs from now on then. Besides a quick booking tomorrow the week ahead is free so far, not necessarily at the time but would like a quiet one. The weekend was literally a washout if you look at today, sport all day on TV yesterday and a quick photo trip today, plus the gym and that was it. Since randomly finding the first two direction signs on Streetview since it began in March I've been doing that most of the time when home but simply eliminated vast areas of London. It has to be done though as they vanish monthly.

Again I have to trust the system as it stands, starting tomorrow. Not a clue if not raining, I'll probably look to see a blank area on the map and see what photos can be taken there. They'll run out sooner or later but will cross that bridge when I come to it. My school year started turning 50 last month and one by one we'll be falling till next august. I'm probably the only single one and one with no children, but I never followed the crowd. Business wise I was decades ahead as came naturally but women did not. Or exams, but I just had to have enough tuition to work out what to do before I was chucked out.
The unfortunate pattern I see though says the principles of inertia and stasis must rule everything besides the exceptions. That means people always act in their own interests when you need something from them, if they help you it's usually a coincidence as it helps them as well. People may want to see you but often only when they're bored. They will scrounge favours until they are on their deathbeds, not answer direct questions, forget to do things, and all the other selfish and unreliable things most people do every day.

This extends to groups, as they contain people who misbehave in unison, from governments to management groups. Power will nearly always be abused, the worst decisions made as they are for special interests only, and basically a culture of lying even in the face of the truth. Global warming exposes the worst of everyone, the evil bastards who steal our money in the cause, and the poor sods who still believe something anyone over 5 could work out if they took half an hour to analyse it. I have been forced to forge a personal path of truth and development separate from everything else, and the best I can do for others is teach by example. I am free of anger, the rare times it does come I am aware and know it can be taken or left. I stopped being affected by the end of relationships nearly 40 years ago for survival. If I can everyone can. And many more. Entropy is the trend of matter to destruction. If you leave anything long enough it decays. Some people learn not to behave badly but the ones I've tested recently failed every go.

So I expect nothing better, any more is a bonus but the woman last week was a leopard with spots like poor Steven Hendry's. There are a handful of good people I know and trust, but they are not politicians, my bosses, and rarely those who can pull strings in any of my projects. So I go it alone and each time the vast majority simply let me down, as although most would suffer little to help it's not in their repertoire to do so.

Naming and shaming, The South London Press, Dulwich Times (or whatever they call it), The Sun, Harrow Observer and Channel 4 on the media front so far, a whole website, the woman last week, her sister, both major parties in the UK (punish the sick? David Cameron should be struck down with a selection himself and then he'd understand), Barnet council (twice), a resident's association within it, Harrow School, Transport for London (half marks, they tried to help but my cat could have done a better job, even from the grave), Brent council, Hackney council, Southwark council, Spelthorne council highways department, and many more I can't think of at 3am.
There are flowers as well, such as Hertfordshire highways, but that is a different entry. And I'll never expect better now, the chances any of these guys getting you what you want are like throwing five sixes in poker dice.


diver said...

Hi David. I dislike those counter and site traffic gadgets. I just don't wanna know, would rather just assume that few read my drivel and less give a damn.

I appreciated your thoughts about inertia and people acting in their own interests. The only visitors I've 'entertained' in the last fortnight were a couple who brought me six bottles of ten yearold white wine (i.e vinegar) and an hour of bright ego banter leading to a request to mind their dog for three months while they toured the UK. WTF? I hadn't seen these people in six months. They visited out of ... well, it was just the most shameless manipulative self-interest. And then they were offended when I said no. Indeed they departed giving me the feeling they wouldn't be back (what a GREAT result!) So sure, when you say, 'They will scrounge favours until they are on their deathbeds, not answer direct questions, forget to do things, and all the other selfish and unreliable things most people do every day', I know what you mean.

As for groups ... *shudder* ... I agree with Jung on that subject : "groups are the breeding grounds of psychic epidemics." Quarantine is my best answer so far.

David said...

I got so many hits when it started it is helpful to see if what I'm writing is more or less popular and why. It's like TV the more arguments there are the more popular but at least I knew.

Those friends are your basic scroungers, I can repel them a mile off as had more than my fair share. It's the superiors that really piss me off as they usually take advantage of it moving our lives at a whim with no reason besides they can.
Groups are fine to learn something but anything social is a rare bonus and would never join one for it.