Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More is guided?

Actual life is busy and pretty trouble free, but someone suggested maybe the damage to my car was inflicted by the schizophrenic who wants to kill me. I very much doubt it but having picked up a newer car (1900 miles on the clock) yesterday would rather not have had that idea at all. The old one went today and very happy with its replacement, which looks very similar but feels half as fast which is a true sign of quality.
I still haven't found a way to get a counter on my template at all, I suspect they don't allow them any more which would make no sense at all. I may try a new one but will be the last try if goes funny.

I'm no longer too bothered looking for more old signs after a fuzzy image of one on Sunday turned out to be three when I got there. And bloody rare ones as well. I still need a complete red triangle (ie not damaged) but a very tall order in London. In addition to finding signs the simple arrangement in life, as described in the Celestine Prophecy, seems to be working for more now. I had to get some tools from a neighbour's garage on the weekend and couldn't open the door as they were out, and was about to give up when the person next door turned up, and not only opened it but found the tools in the dark as well. And when I needed a new car found the same model I tested in 2001 new but said I couldn't afford new but would buy when older. And it was the first place I looked and only had 1900 on the clock. I expect life to work like this now as I know it can.

So I'm currently Streetviewing just in case, and have my friends from Florida (since 2002) coming for the 2nd time for a week next month. If all is guided for the best now anything could happen. It'll be about time after so long in the desert...

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