Saturday, October 31, 2009

Is it actually happening?

Well I'm still learning. I see the way any positivity becomes sabotaged one way or another, which in duality (ie the non enlightened view) is inevitable. Heads and tails. You get the positive and the negative is there underneath about to cancel it out. But while in duality now I've seen this am working to see if I can divert it each time something heads in a positive direction to stop that before it does so.

So I've got a blank slate. My studying (such as it is) continues, most is familiar as I've been studying alien abductees for a long time already and those studies not familiar by name just cover the same things over again as basically the format of regressions and their subjects is pretty fixed within its parameters.
Besides my friends arriving from America next week for the second time since 2002 my plans are clear. A couple of bookings at least next week which is useful, although this week was unknown but got plenty done. I am still not dismissing the message I got something good is on its way, despite my initial feeling being within the next day. That was my test of faith. I think I know the difference between something and nothing and won't let that one go. If it meant rather than sit back and receive I had to do something, then I've done something and can only now sit back and wait as there's nothing else left.

Of course the future can go either way, and like the little device with pins in a triangle where the balls fall down and land in a triangle, the likeliest directions are near the centre, but then again one has to go at the extreme end sometimes and I'm well overdue one at the good end now. I certainly felt disaster coming most of my life and very reliably, and never seen anything good coming besides once when I knew I'd meet someone at my friend's sister's party, and she was one of the best ever. Sod the science, what I'm working with now all goes way above any science we can offer. It's showing new boundaries but so far not smoothly or consistenly, but what ever does?


diver said...

I sort-of know what you mean when you talk about duality and being damned if you do or don't. I've got several scenarios in my own lifestyle where I can see a crap outcome no matter which way I play it. I guess the trick is 'to play it whatever way will leave as many individuals as possible less damaged for our choice?

Good luck with the 'friends arriving from America'. Maybe they're the 'something good is on the way' that you had prophecied?

David said...

It wasn't them as besides knowing they were coming already they are only here for a week then off for another 3 years, way beyond the original plans. But yes, I have developed a growing list of such events this week so has happened, but gradually rather than suddenly.
Some are half-done and others complete, so I think I was right as hoed.